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Why was Friar John stopped when trying to deliver the letter to Romeo?

Friar John tells Friar Laurence that he was unable to deliver the letter because he stopped to ask another Friar to go with him to Mantua, and in that other town, the officials would not let them leave because they feared the Friars had come into contact with a deadly plague.

Why is Friar Lawrence worried?

Friar Laurence is worried about the sudden way in which Romeo has switched his affections from one woman to another. He is concerned that such fickle behavior does not suggest deep-seated love but mere physical lust, which is also sinful.

What does Friar John do?

Friar John, not to be mistaken for Friar Laurence, is the messenger that Friar Laurence sends to Mantua. He is responsible for carrying Friar Laurence’s letter to Romeo to Mantua, but he is unable to do so due to fears of the plague.

What is Friar Lawrence tragic flaw?

Friar Lawrence formulates a plan to save the love between Romeo and Juliet, but tragically, it all was to no avail. Although Friar Lawrence exhibits the best of intentions in his actions, his naivety, manipulation, and recklessness ultimately labels him as a classic tragic hero.

Is Friar Lawrence selfish?

Friar Laurence’s motives are not in Romeo and Juliet’s best interest, but in his selfish hope of forming peace in the town and using innocent young lovers to do so.

How wise is Friar Lawrence?

Friar Laurence is wise when he advises Romeo. He thinks highly of Romeo and refers to him as ‘son’ illustrating their close bond. He also tries to impart advice so Romeo can make the right decisions.

How is Friar Lawrence trustworthy?

Friar Laurence is also trusted because he gives confession to people in Verona. For example, Juliet goes to confess to him, even though she goes to get married to Romeo. The Friar is also trustworthy because Romeo and Juliet believe that he will keep their marriage a secret.

Is Friar Lawrence a static character?

Character #3- Friar Lawrence Frier Lawrence was the character that caused most of the big changes like the death of Romeo and Juliet. He was a static character because he didn’t go threw any important changes during the book.

Why does Friar Laurence agree to help the two?

When Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet, Friar Lawrence agrees because he thinks their marriage might bring about the end of the feud between their two families. He states, “For this alliance may so happy prove / To turn your households’ rancor to pure love” (2.3.

What is Mercutio’s opinion of Tybalt?

Mercutio seems to fear and respect Tybalt. When he finds out that Tybalt has issued a challenge to Romeo, Mercutio says that Tybalt is a formidable duelist, and a very tough man to fight. He compares his fighting skills to a virtuoso singer, and praises his mastery of the techniques of sword fighting.

What does Mercutio mean when he calls Tybalt The Prince of Cats?

House of Capulet Mercutio repeatedly calls Tybalt “Prince of Cats” referring to Tybalt’s expertise with the sword, as he is agile and fast, but also it is an insult.