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Why did Prince Edward County VA defund public Education after the Brown decision?

Prince Edward County decided to defund public schools, causing them to close in order to forestay integration. In 1961 plaintiffs challenged this closing in Allen v. County School Board of Prince Edward where it was argued that the closing of Prince Edward County public schools was a form of racial discrimination.

What happened to schools in Prince Edward County?

In 1959 when Prince Edward County was ordered by a federal judge to integrate its schools, the county opted to shut down the schools rather than comply. The Prince Edward County school board used state tuition grants to open schools for white children.

Why were schools in PEI closed for 5 years reopening in 1964?

In February 1963, President John F. Kennedy referred to the situation in a speech to Congress about civil rights. Nonetheless, Prince Edward County did not reopen its public schools on an integrated basis until 1964, when the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed Virginia’s tuition grants to private education.

How did school closings in Prince Edward County VA impact black and white students?

It was an act of criminal negligence: For five years, the white government of Virginia’s Prince Edward County, aided and abetted by state officials, shuttered its 21 public schools and diverted tax revenue to pay for white students to attend a private, segregated “academy.” Black students were denied the basic right of …

What final battle won Prince Edward County schools?

Prince Edward County is the source of Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County, a case incorporated into Brown v. Board of Education, which ultimately resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court decision that racially segregated public schools were unconstitutional.

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