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Who are the listeners in the poem?

Who are the listeners in the poem?

‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare describes the actions of a Traveller who knocks on at the door of a seemingly deserted home at night. The poem begins with the speaker designing the Traveller and his horse. They are at the door of a house on which the Traveller is knocking.

Who are the characters in the listeners?


  • Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan.
  • Ennis Esmer as Osman “Oz” Bey.
  • Mylène Dinh-Robic as Dr. Olivia Fawcett (seasons 1–3)
  • Lisa Marcos as Det. Charlie Marks (season 1)
  • Anthony Lemke as Det.
  • Lauren Lee Smith as Sergeant Michelle McCluskey (seasons 2–5)
  • Rainbow Sun Francks as Corp.
  • Peter Stebbings as Alvin Klein (seasons 2–4)

Who were the listeners answer?

Who were the listeners? Answer: The listeners were the phantom or ghosts who lived in the lonely house.

What is the theme of the poem Leisure?

Leisure is one the beautiful work of all time. The theme of the poem is to enjoy nature after leaving mechanical life. The poem shows the poet’s love of nature. W.H.Davies uses beautiful stylistic and literary devices.

What does leisure mean in the poem?

Answer: In this poem, the word ‘leisure’ means having free time to pursue one’s passion or to spend time with nature and admire its beauty.

What kind of poem is leisure?

Answer: Welsh poet W. H. Davies’ poem, “Leisure,” plays out in seven riming couplets. The form of the poem might be considered an American or innovative sonnet. But likely the poet merely played out his thoughts in seven couplets and did not think of his poem as a sonnet.

What is leisure in your own words?

Leisure is the time which an individual has free from work or other duties and which may be utilised for the purposes of relaxation, diversion, social achievement, or personal development.

What does depiction mean?

: a representation in words or images of someone or something The book is fascinating in its depiction of the country’s early history.

Does deceive mean lie?

To deceive means to trick or lie.

Is hiding information lying?

A lie is an intent, whether by omission or commission, to deceive or misdirect. Hiding the truth about something with the purpose of deceiving or manipulating a person is a lie.

What is the root cause of lying?

The main reason people lie is low self-esteem. They want to impress, please, and tell someone what they think they want to hear. For example, insecure teenagers often lie to gain social acceptance. Here, parents should emphasize to their children the consequences of lying.

How bad is lying in a relationship?

Lying quickly erodes that trust, hurting both parties in the process. Whether it is keeping secrets or telling a little white lie, lying destroys one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy relationship — trust. Lies not only grow but they tend to become addictive especially if you have gotten away with a few already.

Does lying cause insecurity?

Insecurity. People can also lie when they are feeling insecure. For example, instead of admitting they forgot to do something, they may make up a lie, so others do not know that they may have simply forgotten. The truth can make someone feel vulnerable and inadequate, which makes them lie instead.

Is lying OK?

Even though paternalistic lies are often well-intentioned, if uncovered, they will usually backfire. Lying may be helpful when there is no ambiguity about the resulting benefits for those on the receiving end. But in most other circumstances, honesty is the best policy.