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Where the mind is without fear theme and central idea?

Where the mind is without fear theme and central idea?

Central Idea of Where the Mind is Without Fear: In “Where the Mind is Without Fear”, the poet envisions the India of the future. In this country, no man will live in fear. Instead, they will have a strong sense of self-dignity.

How does the poet describe reason in where the mind is without fear?

The poet in ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’ has described ‘reason’ or logical thinking as a ‘clear stream’ that can wash away the stagnant heap of superstitions and ‘dead habits’. Indeed, good rational thinking is what can clear our mind of all evils of prejudice and can lead to the nation’s progress.

How does reason lose its way?

‘Reason’ or logical thinking is compared to a clear stream. But it can lose its way when it faces the challenges of age-old superstitions (compared to a dreary desert) and yield to those. In short, the poet wishes that logic rules and wins over old habits.

How does the poet describes heaven of freedom?

Answer: In the poem, the phrase “Heaven of Freedom” is a state which the poet, Rabindranath Tagore, aims to attain. He wishes for theheaven of freedom where the mind willbe fearless and there will be a sense of unity among all the people. He wants to see his nation released into the kind of world he wishes.

What is the idea of freedom that the poet is propagating?

Brainly User. Explanation: He says that the characteristics of truth, fearlessness, clarity of thought and progressive thinking along with freedom from any kind of. kvargli6h and 4 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 3.

What is the meaning of freedom according to Mahapatra?

Summary of ‘Freedom’ by Jayanta Mahapatra He watches them attain freedom as their ashes flow. The old widows and old men find freedom after death but the young generation thrives to find the freedom to change the world yet they cannot. The poet wonders of being either of them but prefers to be alone.

What kind of freedom does the poet desire for his country?

Answer. As apparent in the poem, the poet did not want merely political freedom for his countrymen. Rather, he wanted a kind of spiritual freedom, a sense of self dignity. He wanted people to be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, active, broad-minded and logical.

What does the poet want for his country and countrymen?

Answer. The qualities that the poet wants to see in his countrymen are fearlessness, self dignity, knowledge, truthfulness, diligence, rationality and a broad-mind. These qualities are required if they are to enjoy their country’s freedom to the fullest.

What kind of freedom does the boy want in the poem and why?

Answer: The freedom of a hawker and a gardener and a watchman fascinates the child narrator in this poem because they are their own masters enjoying the utmost freedom without the slightest rebuke of anybody. However, the young boy values only freedom without authority.