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Where is yanek from?

Where is yanek from?


Is Jack Gruener still alive?

Is Jack still alive? (Yes, he lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., with his wife Ruth, also a Holocaust survivor.)

How old is yanek Gruener now?

Click to see full answer. Furthermore, how old is yanek Gruener now? Freed by the Americans at Dachau, Yanek is a 16-year-old survivor who knows who he is. This is a work of fiction based on the true story of Jack Gruener, the real B-3087.

What does the number B-3087 stand for?

Yanek’s number, B-3087, represents the erasure of his identity. Yanek receives his number at Birkenau concentration camp (hence the B), and it is tattooed into his skin. Yanek describes how he is “Not Yanek Gruener who loved books and science and American movies”—instead, he’s merely Prisoner B-3087 to the Nazis.

What is the main idea of Prisoner B-3087?

Central to Prisoner B-3087 is the loss of identity—it is even inherent in the title. Yanek’s journey through concentration camps strips him of all indications of identity and relegates him to a number.

What is the tone of Prisoner B-3087?

The mood of this entire book is suspense and depression because you never know whats coming next and it is depressing because of all the death and the starvation that takes place in this book. The tone of this book is that it is a ery dark period of time where a lot of cruel unthinkable thing happened.

What is the conflict in Prisoner B-3087?

The main conflict in this story is that Yanek and his family are taken to concentrtion camps but Yanek was not taken to only 1 concentration camp he was taken to 13 concentration camps. The Germans eventually begin to invade Yanek’s town and start taking the Jews and all of their valuables from their apartments.

How does prisoner b3087 end?

Moonface first put his knife to Yanek’s neck but then takes it away and slices a huge chunk of bread. Then he tossed it to Yanek and he was thankful to the kapo’s kindness. Soon after that Yanek and the other prisoners continue walking the next day and heard boom, Boom, Ka-boom!

Who is the main character in prisoner b3087?

Yanek Gruener

How did Uncle Moshe die?

Moshe is murdered by Amon Geoth in the Plaszow concentration camp for no reason which leave Yanek to be the only remaining family member. Dad- We never learn this man’s actual name Yanek only refers to him as dad, he helped Yanek become a man during the beginning of the Nazi occupation.

Is Prisoner B-3087 a true story?

Based on the true story of Jack Gruener, Prisoner B-3087 lays bare the torture one boy endured for six long years through placement in ten concentration camps, work details, death marches, cattle car train rides, starvation, thirst, and beatings.

Does yanek die?

When they reach the concentration camp, Yanek goes to the side of the Poland people and a man tells on him but he tries to lie by saying that he has never done anything a Jewish person does. However, he was not killed.

Why was yanek taken from the Krakow ghetto?

Over the course of World War II, he saw his parents deported by the Nazis and survived 10 different concentration camps. Ten-year-old Yanek Gruener is living in Krakow, Poland when Hitler invades. Yanek’s parents are grabbed on the street and he is taken when his work detail is needed at the Plasz¢w Concentration Camp.

Who is yanek Gruener?

Yanek is the protagonist of Prisoner B-3087. Yanek’s story is based on the real Yanek (Jack) Gruener’s experiences during World War II. When the story begins in 1939, Yanek is living with his parents Oskar and Mina in Kraków, Poland when the Nazis invade.

How did Gratz first meet Jack and Ruth?

Jack and his wife Ruth took his story to Scholastic, and they immediately saw that it would make a great book. But neither Jack nor Ruth are writers, so Scholastic asked me to write the book. Then, about halfway through writing the first draft, I got to fly to New York and meet Jack.

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