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Where does mRNA processing take place?


During which process is mRNA formed?


Why does mRNA processing occur?

While the DNA is being transcribed to make an RNA, the RNA (which is already considered a mRNA at this point) can associate with a ribosome and start being translated to make a polypeptide. In bacteria, RNA transcripts are ready to act as messenger RNAs and get translated into proteins right away.

What are the three steps in mRNA processing?

The three most important steps of pre-mRNA processing are the addition of stabilizing and signaling factors at the 5′ and 3′ ends of the molecule, and the removal of intervening sequences that do not specify the appropriate amino acids. In rare cases, the mRNA transcript can be “edited” after it is transcribed.

What else happens to the mRNA during processing?

The process of removing the introns and rejoining the coding sections or exons, of the mRNA, is called splicing. Once the mRNA has been capped, spliced and had a polyA tail added, it is sent from the nucleus into the cytoplasm for translation.

Is pre-mRNA stable?

Pre-mRNA molecules can form a variety of structures, and both secondary and tertiary structures have important effects on processing, function and stability of these molecules. The secondary structure of pre-mRNA molecules can have an enhancing or inhibitory effect on pre-mRNA splicing.

Where are introns located?

Introns are found in the genes of most organisms and many viruses and can be located in a wide range of genes, including those that generate proteins, ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA).

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