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What is the subplot in Twelfth Night?

What is the subplot in Twelfth Night?

The subplot involves servants. Olivia’s servant Maria, called her “woman,” wants revenge on Olivia’s steward Malvolio, who has an inflated ego. Maria plays on this weakness, dropping love letters to him that are supposedly by Olivia.

What does Malvolio represent in Twelfth Night?

Malvolio is a fictional character in William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, or What You Will. He is the vain, pompous steward of Olivia’s household. He is portrayed as the main antagonist….

Created by William Shakespeare

Why is there a plot against Malvolio?

The plot against Malvolio is explained for the audience by Maria in Act II scene 3, after Malvolio has broken up the party of Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew and Maria.

How does Orsino feel after realizing that Olivia has married Sebastian?

Orsino, realizing that Olivia has married Sebastian, doesn’t seem terribly unhappy at losing her. Turning back to Viola, he reminds her that, disguised as a boy, she has often vowed her love to him. Viola reaffirms her love, and Orsino asks to see her in female garb.

Is Cornwall a real school?

The She’s The Man school is actually not at a school at all. It is the Shadbolt Centre for the Performing Arts, located within the Deer Lake Park region of Central Burnaby. This location is a local arts centre which offers classes and performances within the local area.

Why is Cornwall not in England?

The main reason for this is that Cornwall isn’t actually English at all and was never formally annexed or taken over by England. In fact, many Cornish people believe that they should be a completely separate entity, such as Scotland or Wales, and there are even petitions for Cornwall to become independent.

Is Cornwall better than Devon?

Devon draws families with its magnificent beaches, Dartmoor, Exmoor, craggy coves and splendid cream teas. Cornwall, too, boasts the finest of coastlines – with 300 miles of dunes and cliffs – a proud artistic heritage and pasties that inspire great devotion.

Are they in high school in She’s the Man?

Illyria High School is an boarding school where the movie She’s the Man (2006) is set.