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What is the modern version of central dogma?

What is the modern version of central dogma?

Watson’s version differs from Crick’s because Watson describes a two-step (DNA → RNA and RNA → protein) process as the central dogma….General transfers of biological sequential information.

General Special Unknown
DNA → RNA RNA → RNA protein → RNA
RNA → protein DNA → protein protein → protein

Which of these is the central dogma of biology in the correct order?

DNA → RNA → Protein It is called the central dogma of molecular biology.

Are there any exceptions to central dogma?

Exceptions to the central dogma The biggest revolution in the central dogma was the discovery of retroviruses, which transcribe RNA into DNA through the use of a special enzyme called reverse transcriptase has resulted in an exception to the central dogma; RNA → DNA → RNA → protein.

Who proposed lac operon?

The lac operon in E. coli provides one of the earliest and still best-understood examples of gene control. Much of the pioneering research on the lac operon was conducted by Francois Jacob, Jacques Monod, and their colleagues in the 1960s.

Is Lac an operon?

The lac operon is an operon, or group of genes with a single promoter (transcribed as a single mRNA). The genes in the operon encode proteins that allow the bacteria to use lactose as an energy source.

How does glucose repress the expression of the lac operon?

how does glucose repress the expression of the lac operon ? the presence of glucose in the environment inhibits the production of cAMP, thereby preventing the binding of CAP to the DNA.

What is lac operon consisted of in E coli?

Coli. By Dr. The lactose operon or lac operon consists of three structural genes namely lacZ, lacY, and lacA that encode proteins involved in lactose metabolism as well as several regulatory genes. …