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What is the meaning of foreshadowed?

What is the meaning of foreshadowed?

transitive verb. : to represent, indicate, or typify beforehand : prefigure The hero’s predicament is foreshadowed in the first chapter.

What is another word for showing something?

Some common synonyms of show are display, exhibit, expose, flaunt, and parade. While all these words mean “to present so as to invite notice or attention,” show implies no more than enabling another to see or examine.

What is another word for flashbacks?

What is another word for flashback?

evocation hallucination
memory recollection
recovered memory recurrence
remembrance nostalgia
recall reliving

How do you start a flash-forward?

The most important thing to remember when using a flash-forward is that it must actually move the narrative forward in time. Accordingly, to use a flash-forward, the author must create a scene that takes place in the future. Usually, flash-forwards reveal some sort of action that will occur later in the story.

Is it flash-forward or fast forward?

“fast-forward” is the increase in the speed or the pace (the “2x”, “4x”, “8x” ) of showing the events afterwards. Unlike “flash-forward”, you get to see all the events happening after ‘the present’ for ‘fast-forward’, only in a faster pace while “flash-forward” is a big jump afterwards, skipping all that in between.

Is Fast forward hyphenated?

Hyphenation of fast-forward This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.

What is a flash-forward in fiction apex?

Flash-forward or prolepsis is a literary device in which the plot goes ahead of time i.e. a scene that interrupts and takes the narrative forward in time from the current time in a story.

What is a flashforward in literature?

A flashforward (also spelled flash-forward, and more formally known as prolepsis) is a scene that temporarily takes the narrative forward in time from the current point of the story in literature, film, television and other media.