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What is the formula for the compound formed by K+ and OH?

What is the formula for the compound formed by K+ and OH?

1 Answer. Potassium oxyde, K2O .

What is the name of k2cro7?

Potassium dichromate(VI)

What is the name of Cr2O72?

Compound Descriptions:

Formula: Cr2O7
Element System: Cr-O
Element Names: Oxygen, Chromium
Molecular Weight: 215.988 g/mol
Name(s): Chromate (Cr2O72-) Bichromate Chromic acid (H2Cr2O7), ion(2-) Dichromate Dichromate (Cr2O72-) Dichromate ion Dichromate ion (Cr2O72-) Dichromate ion(2-) Dichromate(2-)

What is the structure of cr2 o7 2?


PubChem CID 24503
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula Cr2O7-2
Synonyms Dichromate Dichromate ion Bichromate Dichromate(2-) Dichromate ion(2-) More…
Molecular Weight 215.99

What is the formula for phosphite?

PO3− 3

What is the color of cr2o7 2?

hydrated ions

name formula colour
chrome(III) Cr3+ green
chromate CrO,,4,, ^2-^ yellow
dichromate Cr,,2,,O,,7,, ^2-^ orange
mangan(II) Mn2+ VERY light pink

What color is cu2+?


Why is MnO4 ion pink in Colour?

Permanganate ion has four oxygen atoms as ligands and the oxidation state of manganese is +7 suggesting that the d- orbital of the central metal atom is empty. Thus, charge transfer takes place in permanganate ion and is responsible for its intense pink colour.

Why is potassium permanganate pink in Colour?

Potassium permanganate(KMnO4) is colored because it absorbs light in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The permanganate ion is the source of the color, as a ligand-to-metal charge transfer takes place between the oxygen’s p orbitals and the empty d-orbitals on the metal.

Why is MnO4 2 Coloured?

Instead, there is an excited state in which electrons transfer from the lone pairs of the oxygen back to the manganese atom. Absorption of light to produce this excited state causes the permanganate to appear colored. *This means that all the d orbitals are empty.

Why is MnO4 purple?

KMnO4 has a deep purple color because of the charge transfer from the ligand (O2−) to the metal center. This is called ligand to metal charge transfer. Complete step by step answer: -Hence, due to electronic transition, potassium permanganate is purple in colour.

Is MnO4 acidic or basic?

Permanganate is a manganese oxoanion and a monovalent inorganic anion. It is a conjugate base of a permanganic acid.

What happens to permanganate in basic solution?

In basic solution, generally, permanganate is reduced to MnO2(s) , a 3 electron reduction: MnO−4+4H++3e−→MnO2(s)+2H2O(l) (but BASIC conditions were specified, so we add 4×HO− to both sides…..

What is the charge of MnO4?


What is hybridization of MnO4?

MnO4- has d3s hybridization. Here, Mn is in +7 OS. The oxygen atoms act as ligands to the manganese center, and donate electrons to its 3 dxy, dyz and dzy orbitals and to 4s orbital, thus the hybridization is d3s.

What is the oxidation state of manganese in I MnO4 2 II MnO4?

Oxidation number of Mn in MnO2,MnO4^2 – ,MnO4^- are 4 , + 6 and + 7 respectively.

What is the oxidation state of vanadium in VO2+?


What is the oxidation state of cr2o7 2?

Complete answer Thus, the oxidation state of Cr in Cr2O72 – is +6 and oxidation state of oxygen is -2.

What is the oxidation state of Cr2O72 −?

The sum of the oxidation states in an ion must add up to the charge on the ion. The dichromate ion has a charge of 2−, as indicated by its formula, Cr2O72−. The oxidation number of chromium in the dichromate ion is +6.

In which compound does chlorine have the highest oxidation number?


What is the highest oxidation number?


Which compound does chlorine have an oxidation number of +5?

In HClO4, chlorine is assigned the oxidation state of +5.