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What is the feminine word of poet?

What is the feminine word of poet?


Can poet be used for female?

Poetess is rare in contemporary usage according to which both sexes are known normally as poets. “Female poet” is the more usual modern translation where the gendered form in the original language is preserved.

What is the gender neutral of the word poet poetess?

Avoid the suffix ess in occupational titles such as poetess, actress, laundress, manageress, stewardess, sculptress and waitress. Instead, use gender-neutral terms like poet, actor, laundry worker, manager, flight attendant, sculptor and server.

What is the opposite word of poet?

The word poet refers to a person who writes in expressive, rhythmic verse. There are no categorical antonyms for this word. The word poets is the plural of poet.

What’s another name for a poet?

Synonyms of poet

  • bard,
  • minstrel,
  • muse,
  • poetaster,
  • rhymester.
  • (also rimester),
  • versifier.

What do you call a cute dog?

Cute Dog Names

  • Apricot.
  • Archie.
  • Bear.
  • Beau.
  • Bee.
  • Bailey.
  • Birch.
  • Boots.

How do you describe a good-hearted person?

adjective. kind or generous; considerate; benevolent.

How do you describe a kind hearted person?

If you describe someone as kind-hearted, you mean that they are kind, caring, and generous. He was a warm, generous and kind-hearted man.

How do you describe someone who is kind?

You can describe someone who is kind and always thinks about other people’s feelings as thoughtful or considerate. Thank you for calling when I was sick – it was very thoughtful of you. He’s always very polite and considerate.

How do you describe someone good with words?

articulate: having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently. eloquent: fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing. fluent: able to express oneself easily and articulately. expressive: effectively conveying thought or feeling.