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What is the antonyms of shiny?

What is the antonyms of shiny?

Antonyms of SHINY blackened, pale, sunless, dull, cloudy, leaden, pitch black, shady, tenebrous, unpolished, gray, pitch-dark, dark, lackluster, palish, unglazed, matte, shadowy.

What is the antonyms of dull?

dull(adjective) Antonyms: intelligent, bright. dull(adjective) Lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp.

What is the opposite of dull dull?

unintelligent: keen, smart, exciting, eventful, witty, bright, lively, active, quick, luminous, light, serrated, cognizant, lustrous, sharp, knifelike, sensitive, pointed, vivacious, intelligent, clear, fast, interesting.

Is Dull an antonym for shining?

What is the opposite of shining?

soft hidden
plain dark
concealed dull

What is synonym of shiny?

Synonyms. shining bright glistening glossy sheeny lustrous.

Is Shiny a word?

adjective, shin·i·er, shin·i·est. bright or glossy in appearance. filled with light, as by sunshine. rubbed or worn to a glossy smoothness, as clothes.

How would you describe something shiny?

Shiny describes something with a smooth, glossy surface. If you want to see your reflection in the glass table, you’ll have to polish it to keep it shiny. Something shiny has a shine, a brightness that comes from reflecting light.

What is a word that means to stand out?

other words for stand-out evident. exceptional. extraordinary. notable. noticeable.

What is another word for stand out from the rest?

What is another word for stand out?

be noticeable attract attention
be highlighted be notable
stand out a mile stick out a mile
stand out like a sore thumb stick out like a sore thumb
project protrude

How do you say something interesting?

Explore the Words

  1. intriguing. capable of arousing interest or curiosity.
  2. exciting. creating or arousing uncontrolled emotion.
  3. fascinating. capturing interest as if by a spell.
  4. riveting. capable of arousing and holding the attention.
  5. absorbing. capable of arousing and holding the attention.
  6. amusing.
  7. diverting.
  8. engrossing.

How can I replace interesting?


  1. arresting.
  2. captivating.
  3. consuming.
  4. engrossing.
  5. enthralling.
  6. exciting.
  7. fascinating.
  8. gripping.

What are the 20 examples of homographs with sentences?

Homographs are not to be confused with homophones which are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings….b) Near: The post office is close to the bank in the main town.

  • Bow. a) Type of knot: She always wraps her presents with colourful bows /bəʊz/
  • Bat.
  • Minute.
  • Ball.
  • Fly.
  • Left.
  • Pupil.
  • Sewer.

What is another word for Homograph?

Someone drew them. So “homograph” means “same picture” or “same writing.” Homographs are written (spelled) the same. (To make matters more confusing, homographs that are spelled the same but sound different are also called heteronyms.)