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What is the adjective for haste?

adjective, hast·i·er, hast·i·est. moving or acting with haste; speedy; quick; hurried. made or done with haste or speed: a hasty visit.

What is a synonym and antonym for haste?

haste. Synonyms: speed, celerity, expedition, hurry, despatch, excitement, heedlessness, swiftness. Antonyms: slowness, tardiness, delay, coolness, reflection, moderation, steadiness.

Is haste a negative word?

Haste is most often used in a negative way, but not as negative as a word like hatred. Most of the time, haste implies that something was simply done too fast, leading to mistakes.

What does no haste mean?

n. 1 speed, esp. in an action; swiftness; rapidity. 2 the act of hurrying in a careless or rash manner.

How do you use the word haste?

Haste sentence example

  1. In her haste , she slammed her shoulder against the stall.
  2. Without haste or agitation he awaited what was coming.
  3. “Sorry to bother you,” I said with haste , anxious to get going.
  4. If you have a mind to make haste , we may surprise them.
  5. Men on horseback were riding in haste toward the front.

What is haste mean in English?

Noun. haste, hurry, speed, expedition, dispatch mean quickness in movement or action. haste applies to personal action and implies urgency and precipitancy and often rashness.

What are hasty decisions?

The definition of hasty is done very quickly, generally with little thought or attention. Done or made without due consideration or attention; precipitate or cursory. A hasty decision; a hasty conclusion. Done or made rapidly due to pressing circumstances.

What does enthralled mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to hold spellbound : charm. 2 : to hold in or reduce to slavery.

What does enthralled mean in literature?

Definitions of enthralled. adjective. filled with wonder and delight. synonyms: beguiled, captivated, charmed, delighted, entranced enchanted. influenced as by charms or incantations.

What does obscenely mean?

adjective. offensive to morality or decency; indecent; depraved: obscene language. causing uncontrolled sexual desire. abominable; disgusting; repulsive.

What’s the difference between captivate and enthralled?

As verbs the difference between captivate and enthrall is that captivate is to attract and hold interest and attention of; charm while enthrall is to hold spellbound; to bewitch, charm or captivate.

What is another word for enthralled?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for enthralled, like: delighted, beguiled, captivated, ravished, charmed, enraptured, wearied, entranced, spellbound, transported and enchanted.

Which word has the same meaning as enthralled?

(also focussed), immersed, intent, observant, rapt.

Is enthralling a real word?

Meaning of enthralling in English. keeping someone’s interest and attention completely: I found your book absolutely enthralling!

Can you call someone enthralling?

When things captivate or grip you, they’re enthralling. You can find another person enthralling, or a well-made movie, a wonderful concert, or an entrancing painting in a museum.