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What is struck mean?

What is struck mean?

Struck is a person or thing that has been hit or attacked, or affected by a labor strike. An example of struck is a deer that’s been hit by a car.

How do you use struck in a sentence?

Struck sentence example

  1. I struck out on that.
  2. A new idea struck , and he looked down at his bloodied body.
  3. Suddenly a thought struck Dean.
  4. He paused, obviously struck by another thought.
  5. The disease struck people in childhood or in the prime of life.
  6. It struck her that he was baiting her, perhaps for that reason.

What struck me meaning?

Literally, “struck me” means “hit me”, as in “The warrior struck me with her sword.” However, if someone says, “It struck me” that can be an idiom that means “I suddenly realized something.”

What is the similar meaning of struck?

Synonyms for struck. came (to), crossed, dawned (on), occurred (to)

What is the opposite word of struck?

“It amazed me how everyone overlooked the basic truths about this nation.”…What is the opposite of struck?

departed discouraged
dissuaded left

What is another word for Struck Down?

What is another word for struck down?

felled fell
knocked down knocked out
brought down laid out
lay out flattened
knocked over prostrated

What part of speech is struck?


part of speech: verb
definition: past tense and past participle of strike.
part of speech: adjective
definition: shut down or otherwise affected by a labor strike, as a factory.
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Is Struck present or past tense?

Word forms: strikes, striking, struck, strickenlanguage note: The form struck is the past tense and past participle.

What does struck mean in music?

1. Music A combination of three or more pitches sounded simultaneously. 2.

Can struck mean Agreed?

If you strike a deal or a bargain with someone, you come to an agreement with them. Strike out means the same as strike.

Is striked correct?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of strike.

What is the third form of struck?

Conjugation of ‘Strike’

Base Form (Infinitive): Strike
Past Simple: Struck
Past Participle: Struck/Stricken
3rd Person Singular: Strikes
Present Participle/Gerund: Striking

What type of verb is began?

“Began” is the simple past tense of the verb “to begin.” This tense is used for an action (of any duration) that has finished in the past.

How do you use the word began in a sentence?

Began sentence example

  1. In a voice quaking with fear, she began to sing.
  2. He loved poetry and soon began to write poems of his own.
  3. The day Jonathan went to camp, she began working on her plan.
  4. Cynthia began slicing the potatoes in the pot.
  5. Carmen grabbed a napkin and began wiping the mashed potatoes from her hand.

What is the verb of enter?

transitive verb. 1 : to come or go into enter a room. 2 : inscribe, register enter the names of qualified voters. 3 : to cause to be received or admitted enter a child at a school. 4 : to put in : insert enter the new data into the computer.

Is entered a word?

enter verb (PLACE) to come or go into a particular place: The police entered (the building) through/by the side door.

What part of speech is the word highest?