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What is rocky debris?

What is rocky debris?

a sloping mass of loose rocks at the base of a cliff.

What is the same as debris?

SYNONYMS FOR debris 1 detritus, litter, trash.

What is this word debris?

1 : the remains of something broken down or destroyed digging through the storm’s debris in search of survivors sifted through the debris of her broken marriage. 2 geology : an accumulation of fragments of rock. 3 : something discarded : rubbish picking up debris after the parade.

How do you spell debry?

debris in American English

  1. rough, broken bits and pieces of stone, wood, glass, etc., as after destruction; rubble.
  2. bits and pieces of rubbish; litter.
  3. Word forms: plural deˈbris (dəˈbriz )

What is a example for debris?

Debris is defined as the remains of something broken, thrown away or destroyed. An example of debris is broken glass left in the road after a car accident. Rough, broken bits and pieces of stone, wood, glass, etc., as after destruction; rubble.

What country of origin is debris from?

“accumulation of loose matter or rubbish from some destructive operation or process,” 1708, from French débris “remains, waste, rubbish” (16c.), from obsolete debriser “break down, crush,” from Old French de- (see de-) + briser “to break,” from Late Latin brisare, which is possibly of Gaulish origin (compare Old Irish …

Which is the closest synonym for the word debris?

other words for debris

  • detritus.
  • junk.
  • remains.
  • rubbish.
  • rubble.
  • trash.
  • wreck.
  • wreckage.

What language is debris from?

Borrowed from French débris, itself from dé- (“de-”) + bris (“broken, crumbled”), or from Middle French debriser (“to break apart”), from Old French debrisier, itself from de- + brisier (“to break apart, shatter, bust”), from Frankish *bristijan, *bristan, *brestan (“to break violently, shatter, bust”), from Proto- …

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