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What is handbag called in Hindi?

What is handbag called in Hindi?

Word forms: handbags The usual American word is purse. हाथ में रखा जाने वाला छोटा थैला mnहैण्डबैग mnपर्स mn.

What does Baga mean?

Baga a seaside town in Bardez, Goa, India. It comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute, which is 2 km south. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Baga Beach is also famous for its water sports and Dolphin cruises.

What is bAgh in English?

tiger countable noun. A tiger is a large fierce animal belonging to the cat family. Tigers are orange with black stripes. /bagha, bAgha, baagha, bāgh, bagh, bAgh, baagh/

Is Baka a bad word?

The expression baka-yarō 馬鹿野郎 is one of the most insulting terms in the Japanese lexicon, but it is vague and can range in meaning from an affectionate ‘silly-willy’ to an abusive ‘jerk-off fool’. Baka-yarō is so widely used that it has become semantically weak and vague.

What is a Vaga?

The word “VAGA” in the dictionary is defined as someone who is out in the streets with no real destination, usually getting into some kind of trouble. (Vaga Bound is also a word play on the English version: Vagabond).

How do you say lazy in Spanish slang?

Hueva in Mexican Spanish is slang for ‘laziness’, as well as literally meaning ‘roe’ or ‘spawn’.

What is brother in law called in Sanskrit?

Spoken Sanskrit

syAla syAla brother-in-law [ wife’s brother ]
devara devara brother in law
devan devan brother-in-law
zyAla zyAla brother-in-law [ wife ]
zvazurya zvazurya brother-in-law

What is son in law called in Sanskrit?

Son-in-law. जामाता Jamata. noun.

How do you say brother in law in different languages?

Saying Brother-in-law in European Languages

Language Ways to say brother-in-law
Finnish lanko Edit
French beau-frère Edit
Frisian sweager Edit
Galician cuñado Edit

What is wife’s brother called in Sanskrit?


What is the Sanskrit word for sister?

Spoken Sanskrit

भगिनी bhaginI sister
सोदर्या sodaryA sister
अग्रजा agrajA eldersister
ज्येष्ठा jyeSThA eldersister
अत्तिका attikA eldersister

What is daughter called in Sanskrit?

Is the regular designation of ‘daughter’ from the Rigveda onwards….

Devanagari BrahmiEXPERIMENTAL
ugraduhitṛ f. daughter of a powerful man on

What is the Sanskrit word for mother?

Etymology. “Mātā” (माता) is the Hindi word for “mother”, from Sanskrit matr. (मातृ), and the “-jī” (जी) suffix is an honorific suffix used to indicate respect.

What is another word for mother?

What is another word for mother?

ma mater
mama mommy
mumUK mummy
mam mamma
materfamilias female parent

What is family in Sanskrit?

Translation. The phrase Vasudhaiva Kuṭumbakam (Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्) consists of several words: vasudhā ( transl. ‘is thus’); and kuṭumbakam ( transl. ‘family’).

What is eye called in Sanskrit?


What is the word for eyes in Hindi?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for eye, like: blinker, cornea, iris, peeper, retina, oeillade, optic, lip, cheek, eyes and mouth.

What is the Sanskrit word for beautiful?

What is beauty called in Sanskrit

English Sanskrit Names of Beauty Transliteration
Beauty अभिख्या Abhikhyā
Beauty द्युतिः Dyutiḥ
Beauty लूविः Lūviḥ
Beauty मञ्जिमा Mañjimā

What is the Sanskrit word for happy?


What is the Sanskrit word for powerful?

23.40a; TS….

Devanagari BrahmiEXPERIMENTAL
pratavas mfn. mighty, powerful, active (said of the marut-s)
prayatavastra mfn. clothed in clean garments,

What is success called in Sanskrit?

Success Meaning in Sanskrit

1 Success यशः Yashah
2 Success विजयः Vijayah
3 Success सफलता Saflata
4 Success सिद्धिः Siddhih

What’s another word for powerful?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for powerful, like: mighty, indomitable, omnipotent, influential, strong, dominant, stalwart, dynamical, herculean, ruling and vigorous.

How do you say fearless in Sanskrit?

Meanings of fearless in Sanskrit

  1. निर्भयः
  2. अभीरु
  3. विश्वसित
  4. निर्धार्य