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What is Fluffle?

What is Fluffle?

Did you know that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle? A fluffle is what our neighbors to the north, in Canada, call a group or herd of rabbits.

Who is Fluffle puff?

Fluffle Puff is a pink female fluffy pony that acts as a substitute for Mr. Mumbles for Dan in Mixermike622’s tumblr Dan Vs FiM. She has been subject to various kinds of mistreatment; among other things, she was once a victim of Princess Molestia.

Is Fluffle puff mute?

Fluffle Puff cannot speak, but talks by blowing raspberries, gasping, and squeaking noises that resemble the “squee” noise that Fluttershy makes in “Stare Master”.

Is Fluffle puff an OC?

In April 2018, it was announced that the Fluffle Puff blog would be ending. However, the author has said that Fluffle Puff will be continuing, albeit as an original OC, rather than as a My Little Pony OC, with Chryssi and Marksaline getting deeper reworks as well.

What is fluffy abuse?

Current Usage. Fluffy pony abuse is a label that is generally applied to any kind of picture or story where one or more fluffy ponies suffer in some way.

What happened Queen Chrysalis?

She is the queen of the changelings and a shapeshifter who appears as Princess Cadance in order to hypnotize her fiancé Shining Armor, invade Canterlot, and eventually take over Equestria. In the season six finale, Chrysalis is dethroned from her position as changeling queen.

Who does Princess Celestia marry?

Queen Novo

Is Starlight glimmer Twilight’s sister?

Starlight Glimmer is Twilight’s older sister who was exiled from the family, because she did something so bad and unforgivable. The reason that Twilight doesn’t recognize Starlight is because their parents used a memory erase spell on Twilight when she was a young foal.

Is Chrysalis thorax’s mother?

Thorax is a king changeling and Pharynx’s older brother….King Thorax.

Hooves: Same as the coat
Alignment: Good
Cutie Mark: None
Current Status: Living at the Changeling Hive
Family: Chrysalis (mother) Pharynx (younger brother)

How old is Applejack?


How old is fluttershy?


What happened king Sombra?

KING SOMBRA ruled the Crystal Empire thousands of years ago but was banished and turned to shadow. Before he disappeared, the snarling black-hearted monster made the kingdom disappear and destroyed hope and love in the process. He recently returned but was thwarted by Twilight Sparkle and her pony friends.