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What is an example of personification in night?

What is an example of personification in night?

Eliezer uses another example of personification to describe their reactions to the news: ”The shadows around me roused themselves as if from a deep sleep and left silently in every direction. ” The author gives shadows the human experience of waking up. Shadows are also a metaphor for the people of the town.

How is figurative language used in night?

In his novel Night, Elie Wiesel uses a lot of figurative language as the story unfolds. He uses a metaphor here to show the physical and emotional states of himself and those in his group by comparing them to dying trees. Wiesel uses figurative language to show readers how difficult his journey was.

Why does Elie Thank God for mud?

Why does Elie thank God for mud? He got new shoes, so the mud was concealing them so he wasn’t hit by the guards, and didn’t yet have to give up his shoes. What choice does each man have at Auschwitz? They have the option to work or go to the crematorium.

What is the theme of night?

Having and Losing Faith in God One of the main themes of Night is Eliezer’s loss of religious faith. Throughout the book, Eliezer witnesses and experiences things that he cannot reconcile with the idea of a just and all-knowing God.

Why is night a metaphor for death?

“ Night is used throughout the book to symbolize death, darkness of the soul, and loss of faith. As Eliezer says himself, ‘The days were like nights, and the nights left the dregs of their darkness in our souls’ (7.22). Night is thus a metaphor for the way the soul was submerged in suffering and hopelessness.” 32.

What is it called when you compare two things?

An analogy is a comparison made to show how two different things are similar, especially in limited ways. There are several types of analogies you can make. A simile directly compares two seemingly unrelated things and then explains what the two items have in common to make a point.

What two words do metaphors never have?

Unlike similes, metaphors do not use words such as “like” or “as” to make comparisons. The writer or speaker relates the two unrelated things that are not actually the same, and the audience understands that it’s a comparison, not a literal equation.

Can similes not use like or as?

No, a simile does not have to use “like” or “as”. A simile can be made in any way that makes the comparison of two dissimilar…