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What is a simile sentence?

Let’s use this example to understand what a simile is: A simile is a phrase that uses a comparison to describe. For example, “life” can be described as similar to “a box of chocolates.” You know you’ve spotted one when you see the words like or as in a comparison. Similes are like metaphors.

What is rhyme and example?

A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds (usually, exactly the same sound) in the final stressed syllables and any following syllables of two or more words. Rhyming words have different beginning sounds, but have the same vowel and ending sounds, for example: cat/sat/pat/hat, spin/fin/chin/pin, etc.

What is a student metaphor?

Metaphors about students include: (1) Students are like babies starting to crawl. (2) Students are blank slates. (3) Students are flowers in a garden. (4) A student is a sponge. (5) Students stand on the shoulders of giants.

What are the examples of metonymy?

Here are some examples of metonymy:

  • Crown. (For the power of a king.)
  • The White House. (Referring to the American administration.)
  • Dish. (To refer an entire plate of food.)
  • The Pentagon. (For the Department of Defense and the offices of the U.S. Armed Forces.)
  • Pen.
  • Sword – (For military force.)
  • Hollywood.
  • Hand.

What are the five examples of metonymy?

Here are some examples:

  • “Plate” can mean an entire plate of food.
  • “Lend me your ears” is a popular metonymy phrase.
  • “Jeff is a real silver fox!”- This is a metonymy that means that Jeff is an attractive older man.
  • “Give me a hand” means to give someone help.

What is a Metanym?

: a generic name rejected because based on a type species congeneric with the type of a previously published genus.

What is a metonymy in English?

: a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated (such as “crown” in “lands belonging to the crown”)

What is a Matonym?

A metonym is a word or phrase that is used to stand for something that it’s associated with or related to. The use of metonyms is called metonymy.

What are Mentonyms?

A metonym is a figure of speech in which an object or idea represents a larger concept that’s related to it. Once you start looking for metonyms, you’ll realize how common they are.

Is metonymy a type of metaphor?

So metonymy is a figure of speech. It is used in rhetoric where a thing is not referred by its name but with the associated word. A metaphor is an expression. In metonymy, the association of the word is based on contiguity, while in a metaphor; the substitution is based on similarity.

What figure of speech is pen is mightier than sword?