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What is a antonym for distract?

What is a antonym for distract?

distract. Antonyms: unite, fix, concentrate, collect, compose. Synonyms: divide, dissipate, dissever, disconcert, discompose, perplex, bewilder, convulse, madden, disturb.

What is synonyms for distract?

other words for distract

  • amuse.
  • bewilder.
  • detract.
  • disturb.
  • divert.
  • entertain.
  • mislead.
  • perplex.

Is distractive a word?

dis•trac•tive (di strak′tiv), adj. tending to distract.

Why is God’s love not reckless?

God takes no risks because a God who is all-powerful and all-knowing by nature cannot take risks. God’s salvation plan was never risky or reckless, and all throughout the gospels, Jesus explains that he knows exactly how he is going to be received by the world and what will happen to him (John 10:25-28).

Who composed reckless love?

Cory Asbury

What does reckless love of God?

“When I use the phrase, “the reckless love of God”, I’m not saying that God Himself is reckless. I am, however, saying that the way He loves, is in many regards, quite so. What I mean is this: He is utterly unconcerned with the consequences of His actions with regards to His own safety, comfort, and well-being.

When did reckless love come out?


What instruments are in reckless love?

Title: Reckless Love – Bb Instrument
By: Cory Asbury
Instruments: Bb Instrument, range: D4-G5 (Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone or Soprano Saxophone)
Scorings: Instrumental Solo Instrumental Part
Original Published Key: D Minor

What genre of music is reckless love?

Worship CCM

What key is reckless love steffany gretzinger?

B, C.

What tempo is goodness of God?

126 BPM

What BPM is raise a hallelujah?

82 BPM

What a beautiful name it is BPM?

68 beats per minute

Who do you say I am BPM?

172 BPM

Who do you say I am live key?

Download the sheet music for Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship, from the album There Is More. This song was arranged by Dan Galbraith in the key of Gb, G, Ab.

What BPM is King of Kings?

“King of Kings” is composed in the key of D major. The song has a tempo of 68 BPM, with a time signature of 4/4.

What key is King of Kings?


What is the BPM for great things?

102 BPM

What is the BPM for lion and the lamb?

90 BPM