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What happens in Chapter 19 of the Lightning Thief?

In chapter nineteen, Annabeth and Grover follow Percy to Elysium, almost get sucked into Tartarus, and finally enter the palace of Hades together. But in order to leave the Underworld, they need to use the pearls—and they only have three of them.

Why did Percy remember Annabeth?

Percy only remembers Annabeth because when Hera wiped their memories, she probably needed a tether to the Greek side of things, so Percy would have motivation. Percy knows as soon as the Son of Neptune that only Annabeth matters, and he needs to get back to her.

Did Percy Jackson lose his memory?

Yes, Percy lost his memory in ‘The Son of Neptune’ which is set 9 months after The last Olympian. At the end of his mission with Frank and Hazel, Juno keeps her promise and Percy fully regains his memory during his journey back to Camp Jupiter.

Who is the traitor in the last Olympian?

Silena Beauregard

Occupation: demigod, ex-head counselor
Relationships: Mr. Beauregard (father) Aphrodite (mother) Mitchell (half-brother) Drew Tanaka, Piper McLean, Lacy (half-sisters) Hephaestus (stepfather) Charles Beckendorf (boyfriend)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

What is Luke Castellan fatal flaw?

Luke Castellan: His fatal flaw was his excessive wrath. He was unable to forgive his father Hermes for what he had been through.

Who is the spy in Camp Half-Blood?

Silena Beauregard

Why did silena cry after Percy returned from the Princess Andromeda?

Why did Silena cry after Percy returned from the “Princess Andromeda”? She was shocked by the grave wounds Percy had received. Clarisse had gone lookig for Percy in the Labyrinth and was missing.

Does Frank die in trials of Apollo?

All of this culminated in the The Trials of Apollo series, when Frank became more of a leader and extremely reckless, almost killing himself at the Caligula’s Assault on Camp Jupiter.

What is the main idea of Chapter 19 in Percy Jackson?

Hades accuses Percy of stealing the master bolt himself in order to help Poseidon start a war. He accuses Percy of stealing his own symbol of power, his helm of darkness. Hades tells them that if they don’t return his helm of darkness, he will stop death and “make your lands a nightmare” (19.124).

What does the scene in the throne room tell you about each of the three friends Annabeth Grover and Percy?

It shows that Percy is very loyal to his friends and would never leave them behind. It shows that Annabeth and Grover are willing to go through great lengths to help Percy get him mother back.

What God tricked or Percy?


How does Percy convince the guard to allow them in?

How does Percy convince the guard at the Empire State Building to let him see Zeus? He shows the guard Zeus’ lightning bolt. He doesn’t convince him, Percy runs right past him and goes up to Zeus.

Why did Ares give back to Percy with the lightning bolt?

Q. Why did Ares give the back pack to Percy with the lighting bolt? He wants the war because he is the god of war. He dosent like percy.

Why did Annabeth shed tears?

Cerberus can detect the living among the dead spirits, he can sniff out any trespassers. Percy tries to play fetch with Cerberus. Annabeth sheds a few tears as she hears Cerberus crying for her in the distance. He misses the attention.

What is the heaven like level of the underworld Percy Jackson?

Elysium (Elysium Fields and Elysian Fields) is a paradise and a resting place for the dead located in the Underworld.