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What does the word pick mean?

What does the word pick mean?

noun (1) Definition of pick (Entry 2 of 5) 1 : a blow or stroke with a pointed instrument. 2a : the act or privilege of choosing or selecting : choice take your pick. b : the best or choicest one the pick of the herd.

What does have a pick mean?

phrase. If you have your pick of a group of things, you are able to choose any of them that you want. Here is an actor who could have her pick of any part.

What is the root word for pick?

gloss on Latin stigmata) with Old Norse pikka “to prick, peck,” both from a Germanic root (source also of Middle Dutch picken, German picken “to pick, peck”), perhaps imitative. Influence from Middle French piquer “to prick, sting” (see pike (n.

How is Y pronounced in Welsh?

The rules governing the letter Y are some of the most confusing in Welsh. Normally it’s pronounced like the u in cut, but in the last syllable of a word it most commonly represents the sound of the ee in beet.

What does LLAN mean in Welsh?


How is C pronounced in Welsh?

Usually(!) B, D, H, L, M, N, P, R, S, and T are pronounced the same as they are in English (Since all letters in Welsh are pronounced, H is never silent)….English translations for some Common Welsh Words.

Caban= Cabin
Cymru= Wales

How do you say double F in Welsh?

F is pronounced ‘v’ as in veil, NOT ‘f’ as in fail. Our ‘f’ sound is represented by FF in Welsh. LL is a real peach of a sound, but it’s not all that hard to say. Just put your tongue in the position you would for an L, and blow hard.

How do you say Police in Welsh?

When it is in the last syllable of a word it is pronounced as an ‘i’ – as in English ‘is’. For example, the Welsh for mountain is mynydd (mun-ith); the Welsh for mountains is mynyddoedd (mun-uth-oith)….Meaning of Welsh Signs.

Welsh English Rough Pronunciation
Heddlu Police hethlee
Ysbyty Hospital uss-butty
Traeth Beach trye-th

What do the Welsh call microwave?