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What does mogle mean?

What does mogle mean?

1 or less commonly moghul / ˈmō-​(ˌ)gəl / or mughal / ˈmü-​(ˌ)gəl / capitalized : an Indian Muslim of or descended from one of several conquering groups of Mongol, Turkish, and Persian origin especially : great mogul. 2 : a great personage : magnate Hollywood moguls industry moguls. mogul. noun (2)

Is Mogul a bad word?

That original definition also gives us our third word that has gone to the dark side: “mogul.” But it’s not always meant as a compliment: Its connotation centers on “dominant,” as in “overbearing” or “domineering.” In fact, the OED includes the word “autocrat” in its definition of “mogul.”

What’s another word for mogul?

What is another word for mogul?

magnate tycoon
heavyweight celebrity
honcho dignitary
leader somebody
luminary star

What does mogul mean in Nigerian?

Noun(1) a bump on a ski slope(2) a member of the Muslim dynasty that ruled India until 1857(3) a very wealthy or powerful businessman.

Who is a mogul person?

A mogul is defined as a person who possesses a great deal of power, influence, or wealth. In business, a mogul is often associated with a person who dominates an enterprise or industry. Moguls tend to be founders or CEOs of important corporations. Mogul is sometimes used synonymously with “tycoon”.

What is a mogul move?

The Mogul Move is a defensive contact move players use when they are forced wide, but not so wide that they have to hit on the dead run. Instead they move one step beyond the ball and recover. Briefly airborne, the players skim the court keeping and then landing on balance.

What language is mogul from?

mogul (n. 1) muga, “a heap, a mound”), or [OED] from southern German dialect mugel in the same sense.

What is prudent behavior?

prudent Add to list Share. Describe an action as prudent if it is the wise thing to do under the existing circumstances. If you show good and careful judgment when handling practical matters, you can be described as prudent. Similarly, a wise and well-thought-through decision or action can be called prudent.

What is the opposite of prudence?

prudencenoun. Antonyms: recklessness, rashness, imprudence.

What does injudicious mean in English?

: not judicious : indiscreet, unwise injudicious outbursts.

Is sagaciously a word?

sa·ga·cious. adj. Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness.

Does sagacity mean wisdom?

The Latin word sagācitās is the great-granddaddy of our word sagacity, giving it the meaning “wisdom.” Just remember that it contains the word sage, which means “wise one” — our wise ancestors were called “Sages.” But before we get too puffed up, we need to remember that in the 17th and 18th centuries, sagacity meant ” …

What is a good sentence for the word sagacity?

Sagacity sentence example. This discovery was not accidental or unforeseen, but was due to the sagacity of those who designed the voyage. This Dr Parkman, a man of rare sagacity and exquisite humour, was the father of Francis Parkman, the historian.