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What does intercom mean?

What does intercom mean?

: a two-way communication system with a microphone and loudspeaker at each station for localized use.

What is the use of intercom?

An intercom (short for intercommunication device) is a type of stand-alone communication tool. It can be used within a home, an apartment building, or a business building. This two-way communication device transmits and receives audio communications.

What does the word intercom come from?

intercom (n.) “radio or telephone intercommunication system,” 1937, colloquial shortening of intercommunication, which is attested from 1911 in reference to systems of linked telephones.

What is a synonym for intercom?

Synonyms. intercommunication system interphone squawker communication system intercom speaker squawk box.

What is the opposite of intercom?

What is the opposite of intercommunication?

denial disagreement
disconnection hold
keeping quiet

What’s another word for pager?

What is another word for pager?

walkie-talkie intercom
walky-talky two-way radio

What did beepers do?

A pager is a small telecommunications device that receives (and, in some cases, transmits) alert signals and/or short messages. This type of device is convenient for people expecting telephone calls, but who are not near a telephone set to make or return calls immediately.

Do pagers still work in 2020?

Pagers were originally created as a communication tool for doctors in busy hospitals, and today it is still largely doctors — as well as ambulance crews, emergency responders, and nurses — who use them.

When did beepers stop being used?

By 1994, more than 61 million were in use, as pagers became popular for personal communications as well. Pager users could send any number of messages, from “I Love You” to “Goodnight,” all using a set of numbers and asterisks. While Motorola stopped producing pagers in 2001, they are still being manufactured.

What happens when you call a pager?

Numeric Pager– for this type of pager, you dial the pager number, wait for the tone, and then dial your number followed by #. Your number shows up on the pager’s display. Short numeric messaging (911 for emergency, etc…) can accompany your message, but in a very limited fashion.

Can you text a pager?

Although pagers can’t send out information, it is possible to send a text message to certain pagers using email, as long as the message is short and the pager has the capability to accept and display text messages.

Can you call a pager with a phone?

Just dial the pager phone number from any touch tone phone, enter the number you would like to have displayed on the pager and then press the # button. Within 30 seconds to 5 minutes in most cases, the pager will beep or vibrate displaying the number that was dialed.

Can you page a cell phone?

Callers can use Send-A-Page (Internet Paging) to send Numeric or Alphanumeric messages. Now you can have the privacy of a personal paging number and email address provided for the strict purpose of sending pages, text (alpha service only), and voicemail messages to a cell phone and/or email account.

What is a paging phone type?

A paging system allows for one-way communication to a large audience. The paging employee speaks a message into a telephone and that message is then broadcast through a network of speakers. Messages can also be recorded and broadcast at a later time.

How do you send a webpage to a cell phone?

Go to a Web page that you would like to send to a cell phone. Highlight text on the Web page to include it in your message. Click and drag your mouse over the text to do this task. Click the Send To button on the toolbar and select the SMS option.

What is a numeric message?

Numeric messages are sent by phone the same way 1 way numeric pagers receive messages. The pager also has it’s own email address and a message with words or words and numbers can simply be emailed to the pager with up to about 200 characters and spaces.

What is a text pager?

A pager (also known as a beeper, bleeper or pocket bell) is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages.

How do you page someone in a hospital?

If you’re in the hospital, you can pick up a hardline phone and put in the number of the pager (usually preceded by an astriks or something). If you’re outside the hospital, you can use your cellphone or homephone, but you usually have to put in the hospital’s acess number first and then the pager number.

How do you use a phone beeper?

How to Page Someone on a Beeper

  1. Dial the beeper’s number. Beepers, like telephones, have seven-digit numbers.
  2. Wait for the prompt message. The prompt message is a recording programmed by the beeper’s owner.
  3. Dial the telephone number that you wish the beeper’s owner to call .

What happens when you page someone?

You call the pager/beeper number, there will be either a message or beep that you’ll hear. After that message or beep you leave in a number. That number can be the number you want them to call or it can be some type of code you and the other person have agreed to ahead of time.

Do pagers work without cell service?

Because emergency pagers do not rely on cell towers or the computer networks that are needed to coordinate the transfer of signals from tower to tower, emergency pager systems are simpler than cellular networks. This gives emergency workers two independent ways of communicating in the event of an emergency.

Can you page someone from a pager?

Telephone Paging To send a page from any telephone using a 10-digit pager telephone number, dial the telephone number. Then follow the voice prompts. To send a page from the University telephone system: Using a 10-digit pager telephone number, dial 12 + last 4 digits of the pager telephone number.

How do you say I love you on a pager?

143: I Love You.

Do pagers still work?

About 85 percent of hospitals still rely on pagers. But the advent of cellular phones led to a rapid decline in beeper use, and there are now a mere few million pagers still out there, many in hospitals, and all of them slowly and annoyingly beeping their way to obsolescence.

How do you send a page?

How to Send a Page

  1. Press the available line button.
  2. Press 135 on the keypad.
  3. At the dial tone, enter the last four digits of the pager number.
  4. Follow the prompt to “Enter call back number and press #.”
  5. Hang up.

What does it mean to page someone?

to communicate with someone by having that person’s name announced publicly or by sending a signal to an electronic device the person is carrying: Doctors are paged by their answering services at all hours. (Definition of page from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is a numeric page?

You can send and receive pages using names or directly to phone or pager number. Vocera sends the recipient’s pager a call-back number that allows that person to return a call directly to your Vocera device. Additional voice commands let you use a Vocera device to send a numeric page to any arbitrary number.

Who uses pagers?

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone—or at least a cell phone—but hospitals just haven’t caught up with the times. In fact, nearly 80 percent of hospitals still use pagers, according to a study from the Journal of Hospital Medicine. No, doctors aren’t just stubborn about leaving the dinosaur age of communication.