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What does Balthasar suggest Romeo?

What does Balthasar suggest Romeo?

He withdraws into the darkness. Romeo, carrying a crowbar, enters with Balthasar. He tells Balthasar that he has come to open the Capulet tomb in order to take back a valuable ring he had given to Juliet. Then he orders Balthasar to leave, and, in the morning, to deliver to Montague the letter Romeo had given him.

What does Romeo ask Balthasar to bring him why?

He tells Balthasar to get him pen and paper (with which he writes a letter for Balthasar to give to Montague) and to hire horses, and says that he will return to Verona that night. Balthasar says that Romeo seems so distraught that he is afraid to leave him, but Romeo insists.

How does Romeo react to Balthasar?

How does Romeo react to Balthasar’s news? His first reaction is like “Are you serious?” “This can’t be true”. He curses the heavens and will rebel against the stars. He said he will also kill himself because Juliet is now dead.

What does Romeo tell Balthasar is the reason for his visiting Juliet’s grave?

Romeo gives Balthasar two reasons for entering the Capulet’s tomb. What are those two reasons? He wants to see Juliet’s face and take her ring. Relate the events that lead to romeo and Juliet’s death as they are told by Friar Laurence near the play’s end.

What new does Balthasar bring Romeo?

Balthasar, a friend of Romeo’s, brings him news that Juliet is dead and lies in the Capulet tomb. Resolved to find her and join her in death, Romeo first visits an apothecary and bribes him to obtain an illegal (and lethal) poison.

What went wrong with Friar Lawrence’s plan?

Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo and Juliet to fake Juliet’s death went well until he had to tell Romeo about his plan, Romeo’s servant sees Juliet dead but does not understand what is going on so he tells Romeo what he saw before the friars plan could get to him, this causes Romeo to buy poison to kill himself because …

What does Romeo decide to do immediately after hearing the news?

The death of Juliet. What does Romeo decide to do immediately after hearing this news? He orders Balthasar to bring him a horse and a letter and then he will buy poison. Friar John couldn’t deliver the letter because he was quarantined in a house due to the plague.

What does Friar Laurence suggest they should do with Juliet’s body?

What does Friar Lawrence suggest they do with her? He suggests that Juliet leave with him.

Why does Juliet get mad at Romeo?

Juliet gets mad because Romeo drank all the poison not leaving her any with which to join him. Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.

Why is Tybalt so angry at Romeo?

Tybalt gets mad when he sees Romeo at the party because Romeo is a Montague and he is at a Capulet party. First of all, the Montague’s and Capulet’s are enemies and they hate each other. So, when Tybalt notices that a Montague was at the party, it makes sense that he would get mad.

What gift does Juliet send to Romeo?

Juliet gives the Nurse a ring to give to Romeo as a token of her love.

What is Romeo afraid Juliet feels?

What is Romeo afraid Juliet feels? He feels that his name is a weapon to murder her just as his hand had killed Tybalt. He was afraid that Juliet was in resentment of him for killing a member of her family, her cousin to be exact.

What gift does the nurse give Romeo?

The Nurse gives Romeo a ring from his fair Juliet in Act 3, Scene 3. The meat of the scene contains Friar Laurence, Romeo, and the Nurse contemplating Romeo’s banishment from Verona after slaying Tybalt, but it ends with hope of Romeo and Juliet being reunited.

What is Romeo’s punishment?

Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt is that he is banished (exiled) from Verona. In Act 1, the Prince said that anyone who disturbed the peace again would be sentenced to death.

Why does Romeo threaten to kill himself?

Romeo tells the Friar that banishment is worse than death. When the Nurse arrives, Romeo threatens to kill himself for causing Juliet so much pain. The Friar and the Nurse convince Romeo to calm down and tell him he will be able to see Juliet that night.

What does Friar Laurence say to prevent Romeo from killing himself?

What argument does Friar Lawrence use to prevent Romeo from killing himself? That he isn’t acting like a man if he commits suicide and sends himself to hell and that he isn’t making good use of his advantages. What does the nurse give to Romeo? What does Capulet tell his wife to tell Juliet?

What is the punishment for Romeo killing Tybalt?


What happens after Romeo kills Tybalt?

Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished They find each other and fight. The fight ends when Romeo kills Tybalt. Realising what he has done, he flees. The Prince arrives on the scene and declares that Romeo must be banished and must leave Verona immediately.

What does Tybalt call Romeo?

Ac 3 questions and aswers for Romeo and Juliet test

Question Answer
What does Tybalt call Romeo? a villain
Why wont Romeo fight Tybalt? because they are family
What does Mercutio think is the reason Romeo refuses to fight? he thinks he is scared

What did Balthasar do in Romeo and Juliet?

Balthasar is Romeo’s manservant. He brings the rope ladder to the Nurse for her to leave in Juliet’s room. Hearing the news of Juliet’s death, he hurries to Mantua to inform his master of it.

What does Romeo say to Tybalt’s body?

Tybalt, liest thou there in thy bloody sheet? / O, what more favor can I do to thee / Than with that hand that cut thy youth in twain / To sunder his that was thine enemy? / Forgive me, cousin!