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What do they tell us about the Zlata?

What do they tell us about the Zlata?

On March 30, 1992 Zlata tells us that her classmates were all studying for their tests and the next day they were planning a field trip to a classical music concert. She joins an anti war march. She states that war is inhuman. Re-read the Tuesday, April 14, 1992 diary entry on page 385.

Why were Zlata and her father afraid for Zlata s mother’s life quizlet?

Answer: Zlata and her father were afraid for the life of Zlata’s mother because they were living a very dangerous situation with little chance of survival. Because Zatla’s mother was a much loved person, they were afraid that she would die.

What specific purpose did Zlata most likely have for writing her diary?

What is Zlata’s purpose for starting a diary? Her purpose is to write about her adventures. Her purpose is to create an imaginary friend to confide in.

What does Zlata think about the convoy?

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Question Answer
What does Zlata think about the convoy? She is sad about it

Why did Zlata still have mixed feelings about leaving Sarajevo?

Why did Zlata still have mixed feelings about leaving Sarajevo? She didn’t want to break up with her boyfriend. She was afraid she would not make friends in her new country. She did not want to leave her family, but she was eager to get away from the war.

How does Zlata describe Mrs Gruwell?

Erin Gruwell is someone who believed in a group of misfits when no one else did. Zlata describes her as fun to be around, also very loyal, someone who cared and fought for each one of her “kids.” Erin shared her education knowledge and love with them and made a huge difference in her students lives. Why does Ms.

Does Erin Gruwell still teach?

Erin Gruwell no longer teaches in the classroom. She now runs the Freedom Writers Foundation which tries to teach others to use her methods to reach students no matter what their challenges are. The Freedom Writers Foundation is based in Long Beach, California.

Who is Zlata in Freedom Writers?

Zlata Filipović

Why does it frighten Zlata to be compared to Anne Frank?

Compared to Anne Frank because of her depiction of the horrors of war, twelve-year-old Zlata writes from 1992 to 1993 about the effects of the Bosnian war on her hometown, Sarajevo. Gruwell’s students, who experience the daily threat of gang-related violence and racial tensions, identify with Zlata’s reality.

What does Zlata hope the Freedom Writers Diary will do?

Q. What does Zlata hope the Freedom Writers Diary will do? Help the families of the Freedom Writers. Inspire people to write to fight prejudice and to deal with events in a positive way.

What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward?

What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward? Honored, proud, and amazed.

What type of text is Zlata’s Diary?

Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo (ISBN 0-14-024205-8) is a 1992 non-fiction book by Zlata Filipović, who was a young girl living in Sarajevo while it was under siege.

Who are fipa and mimmy?

Zlata’s Diary is about a girl that lived through the Bosnian war. She kept a diary that she called Mimmy. Her entries were always, “Dear Mimmy” and she’d end with, “Your Zlata”. Zlata was known as the Anne Frank of Bosnia.

How old is Zlata?

40 years (December 3, 1980)

What happened Zlata Filipovic?

Filipovic now works as a film producer and recently produced The Story of Yes – a documentary about the Marriage Referendum. She is currently working on a documentary series about fertility issues in Ireland.

Why does Zlata Filipovic decide to stop writing?

Why does Zlata Filipovic decide to stop writing about herself in her own diary? She wants to publish her diary and thinks readers will want to hear about the war.

How did Zlata feel about the war?

Zlata Filipovic becomes a witness to food shortages, bombings, and the deaths of friends. She shares with us her fear, sadness, and anger over the war. She worries about those close to her, and about her own safety as well.

How long did the Bosnian war last?

Bosnian War, ethnically rooted war (1992–95) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic of Yugoslavia with a multiethnic population comprising Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), Serbs, and Croats.

What ended the Bosnian war?

April 6, 1992 – Dece

Why did Croatia attack Bosnia?

The Croatian government began arming Croats in the Herzegovina region as early as October or November 1991, expecting that the Serbs would spread the war into Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was defied by Bosnian Croats and Bosniak organizations that gained control of many facilities and weapons of the TO.

Why did US bomb Serbia?

NATO’s intervention was prompted by Yugoslavia’s bloodshed and ethnic cleansing of Albanians, which drove the Albanians into neighbouring countries and had the potential to destabilize the region. The NATO bombing killed about 1,000 members of the Yugoslav security forces in addition to between 489 and 528 civilians.

Is Serbia an ally of the United States?

The two countries were allies during World War I. After the war, Serbia united with Montenegro and territories previously held by Austria-Hungary to a create a unified South Slavic state that would come to be known as Yugoslavia….Serbia–United States relations.

Serbia United States
Ambassador Marko Đurić Ambassador Anthony F. Godfrey

Who defeated the Serbs 1389?

In the early morning of St Vitus’ Day, June 15th, 1389, the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Murad I defeated the Serbian ruler Prince Lazar and his Bosnian allies at Kossovo Field, a high rolling plateau some sixty miles north of Skopje.

Who won the war Kosovo or Serbia?

Battle of Kosovo, Kosovo also spelled Kossovo, (June 28 [June 15, Old Style], 1389), battle fought at Kosovo Polje (“Field of the Blackbirds”; now in Kosovo) between the armies of the Serbian prince Lazar and the Turkish forces of the Ottoman sultan Murad I (reigned 1360–89) that left both leaders killed and ended in a …

Which Sultan died in Kosovo?

Murad I

How religious is Kosovo?

Kosovo does not have an official religion. More than nine-tenths of the people, including most Albanians, are Muslim. A significant proportion of Muslims are only nominally so; many do not regularly attend mosque services, although fasting for Ramadan is widely practiced.

What religion are Albanians in Kosovo?

A large majority of Kosovo Albanians consider themselves, at least nominally, to be Muslim. A minority, about 60,000, are Catholic. Most Kosovo Serbs, even those who are not active religious believers, consider Orthodoxy to be an important component of their national identity.