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What are the things required to observe onion peel cells?

What are the things required to observe onion peel cells?

MATERIALS REQUIRED Onion, plain slides, coverslip, watch glass, needles, forceps, brush, blade, safranin, blotting paper, glycerine and compound microscope.

Why do we use onion peel to observe the cell?

Given that iodine tends to bind to starch, it stains the starch granules when the two come in to contact making them visible. Although onions may not have as much starch as potato and other plants, the stain (iodine) allows for the little starch molecules to be visible under the microscope.

Which stain would you use to Colour onion peel?


Is safranin used to stain onion peel?

Safranin is a dye which can be taken up by a cell and it gives a pink colour. Staining imparts colour the cell or its components and enhances its contrast and makes it easier to see the structure of the cells. …

Which stain is used to prepare an onion peel slide Why do we need a stain to be added?

safranin is used to stain an onion peel……. it is used to make cell organelles visible and for clarity.

What is used to cover the onion peel on the slide?

Using the brush, place the peel onto the slide containing glycerine. Take a cover slip and place it gently on the peel with the aid of a needle. Remove the extra glycerine using a piece of blotting paper.

How does safranin stain onion cells?

It is mostly utilized for the identification of cartilage, mucin, and mast cell granules. The safranin stain works by binding to acidic proteoglycans in cartilage tissues with a high affinity forming a reddish orange complex.

What stains can be used to prepare the onion peel slide?

Safranin is used to prepare an onion peel slide.

How do you prepare a stained onion cell slide?


  1. First add a few drops of water or solution on the microscope slide to avoid dryness and wilting.
  2. Take a small piece of onion and using tweezers, peel off the membrane from the underside (the rough side).
  3. Place the membrane flat on the surface of the slide.
  4. Add a drop of Iodine solution to the onion skin.

What will happen if we place onion peel in a watch glass that contain salt solution?

Answer. If we place onion peel in a watch glass that contains salt solution, exosmosis will occur. If the surrounding medium contains a higher concentration of salt i.e. hypertonic solution, then water will move out of the cells causing the cells to shrink.

What would happen if an onion peel is kept in isotonic solution?

Answer: the cell and medium concentration will be equal and no gain or no loss of water is happen.

What will happen if onion cell is kept in hypertonic solution?

(d) RBC and onion peel cells will behave similarly. Answer: When kept in hypotonic solution the RBCs burst easily because they are animal cells and do not possess cell wall, while the RBC burst when kept in onion peel possess cell wall which makes it resistant to the bursting due to swelling caused by endosmosis.

What will happen if we put an onion cell in a hypertonic solution?

If you place an animal or a plant cell in a hypertonic solution, the cell shrinks, because it loses water ( water moves from a higher concentration inside the cell to a lower concentration outside ).

What is in a red onion cell?

The clear epidermal cells exist in a single layer and do not contain chloroplasts, because the onion fruiting body (bulb) is used for storing energy, not photosynthesis. Each plant cell has a cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and a large vacuole.