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What are four ways to interpret a balanced chemical equation?

A “balanced chemical equation can be interpretated by the following: 1) numbers of atoms; 2) molecules (a neutral group of atoms); 3) Moles; 4) mass (amount of matter); and, 5) Volume.

Which of the following quantities can be used to interpret a balanced chemical equation?

Chemistry Chapter 12.1-The Arithmetic of Equations

Question Answer
12.1 In terms of what quantities can you interpret a balanced chemical equation? A balanced chemical equation can be interpreted in terms of different quantities, including numbers of atoms, molecules, or moles; mass; and volume.

How is balanced equation similar to a recipe?

A balanced chemical equation provides the same kind of quantitative information that a recipe does. Example would be something like needing 1/2 a cup of sugar for 6 cookies versus 1 cup of sugar for 12 cookies. Balancing a chemical equation requires you to use the same proportion principle to balance.

What are the products of Zn HCl?

When zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid it produces zinc chloride and hydrogen gas.

Which metal does not react with h2so4?


Which metal is not react with acid?

We know gold is a noble metal and it lies below hydrogen in the reactivity series and thus it is unreactive towards acids.

When metal reacts with acid what is produced?

Acids react with most metals and, when they do, a salt is produced. But unlike the reaction between acids and bases, we do not get water. Instead we get hydrogen gas. It doesn’t matter which metal or which acid is used, if there is a reaction we always get hydrogen gas as well as the salt.

Which metal does not give the following reaction?

Mercury does not give H2 on reacting with water because it is less reactive than hydrogen. Was this answer helpful?

Which metal reacts with cold water vigorously?

Reactivity series of metals

Order of reactivity Metal Reactions with water or steam
Second most reactive sodium (Na) vigorous reaction with cold water
Third most reactive calcium (Ca) less vigorous reaction with cold water
least reactive magnesium (Mg) slow reaction with cold water, vigorous with hot water

Which metal reacts vigorously with oxygen?


Which metal reacts most vigorously with water?

Sodium is the alkali element that reacts most violently with water.