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Is custard a noun?

Is custard a noun?

View American English definition of custard….custard ​Definitions and Synonyms.

singular custard
plural custards

What does the word custard?

: a cooked mixture made of eggs and milk or cream and usually having a thick, creamy consistency By the eighteenth century it had become the dessert we know today: a layered treat of sponge cake, custard, fruit, jam, whipped cream and spirits. —

Is Custard an English word?

Custard is a sweet yellow sauce made from milk and eggs or from milk and a powder. It is eaten with fruit and puddings. bananas and custard.

Can vegetarians eat custard?

Traditionally, custard is made from egg, milk and sugar, so it’s not suitable for vegans.

What color is custard?


What color is vanilla custard?

Vanilla Custard is a pale, muted, sunny citrus yellow with a mustard-yellow undertone. It is a perfect paint color for any space. Pair it with pops of floral inspired colors of reds, corals and blues.

Why is custard yellow?

Custard is made with egg yolks, which are yellow. This gives proper custard (or Crème anglaise) its pale yellow colour. Instant custards or pre-made custards are coloured using additive such as Curcumin and Annatto.

What does custard mean in Sula?

custard custard-colored; a mulatto color. It also means something soft and insubstantial, not firm.

Why do Nel and Sula become friends?

Sula and Nel become friends very suddenly when they are twelve, for reasons neither of them can describe. They become friends when a group of Irish immigrants come to Medallion to bully the black schoolchildren.

What does Sula birthmark symbolize?

It seems that Sula’s ever-darkening birthmark is a symbol of her age, maturity, and growing sadness—the very things she’s trying so hard to fight against. At the same time, Morrison claims that the birthmark resembles a “stemmed rose”—an image that is both feminine (the flower) and masculine (the long phallic stem).

How do you describe Sula?

Sula is a dark character, emotionally defined by a sense of evil and physically defined by her black coloring, as well as the darkening birthmark in the shape of a rose that adorns her eye. As a child, she is strange, mysterious, somewhat defiant, and definitely different from those around her.

When was Sula born?

Nobel laureate Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Wofford on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio. She was the second of four children of Ramah and George Wofford.

What happened to Eva’s leg in Sula?

Her leg was amputated due to frostbite. She has lost feeling in it. She sold it.

Who is plum in Sula?

Summary. After Eva Peace’s husband, BoyBoy, abandoned her, it is the kindness of her neighbors that kept her and her three children alive. Her baby Ralph, whom she nicknamed Plum, developed an impacted bowel.

Who is Pearl in Sula?

Pearl Peace is Eva’s second child. She is actually named after Eva, but Eva gave her the nickname “Pearl.” Pearl married at age 14 and moved to Flint, Michigan. She occasionally writes unremarkable letters about the everyday details of marriage and motherhood.

Why does Sula leave the bottom?

One possible reason that Sula leaves the Bottom immediately following the wedding is that she and Nel can no longer be the inseparable friends they once were. Symbolically, Nel’s wedding veil is too heavy for her to feel Jude’s kiss, suggesting a smothered imagination and eclipsed dreams.

Is Sula selfish?

Although Sula’s actions were selfish, it is important not to be seduced by the community’s need to define her as an evil person, as their decision to place all the blame for the failure of Nel’s marriage on Sula is rather facile. She always viewed her marriage as a combination of two halves of the same self.

Why is Sula evil?

Upon her return, the town regards Sula as the very personification of evil for her blatant disregard of social conventions. Their hatred in part rests upon Sula’s interracial relationships, but is crystallized when Sula has an affair with Nel’s husband, Jude, who subsequently abandons Nel.

How did Ajax and Sula meet?

Ajax comes and goes pretty quickly, but he’s the one man to whom Sula develops a true attachment. We first encounter him when Sula and Nel are young girls and he is twenty-one. But he senses that the sex between them is starting to mean something more to Sula, and this scares him off.

Why does Sula fall in love with Ajax?

Sula’s frequent affairs are all fleeting. Although she doesn’t know it, she has sex because it opens her to loneliness and sadness. Ajax takes an interest in her because she is so unpredictable. For the first time in her life, Sula experiences the desire for possession of her lover.

What does Sula discover about Ajax after he leaves?

Sensing a change within Sula as she begins sliding into easy domesticity, Ajax leaves her. Afterward, Sula discovers his driver’s license and learns that his name is Albert Jacks — A. Jacks — Ajax.

What is Ajax’s first love in Sula?

Ajax has only two loves in life: his mother, a conjure woman, and airplanes. He enjoys Sula for her independence and the way she reminds him of his mother.

What is the gray ball in Sula?

The gray ball symbolizes Nel’s worries and anxiety that eventually grows into self-awareness. It begins after Sula commits adultery with Nel’s husband, Jude.

What do Robins represent in Sula?

The robins can be seen as signifying a correlation between Sula and the irrepressible forces of nature. Sula returns to Medallion in 1937, ten years after Nel’s wedding, and her presence in the town brings a new and invidious life to the town. “Accompanied by a plague of robins, Sula came back to Medallion.

Who is Chicken Little in Sula?

One day, Sula overhears Hannah tell some other women that she loves Sula, but that she doesn’t like her. Later, Chicken Little, a neighborhood boy, happens upon Sula and Nel when they are alone. Sula defends him when Nel teases him. Sula playfully swings him around by his hands, but he accidentally slips from her grip.

What question does Nel ask Sula on her deathbed?

Nel and Sula’s final words allow the reader to understand Nel’s conformity and why she becomes lonely. When Nel visits Sula at her deathbed, she tells her: “You can’t be walking around all independent like, doing whatever you like, taking what you want, Page 8 leaving what you don’t” (Morrison 142).

Who does Nel eventually marry?

Nel gets married when she’s eighteen to a man named Jude. She seems content with her life (her marriage, her kids, her home), but when Sula returns after a ten-year absence and has an affair with her husband, everything changes.

Why did Shadrack say always?

He could only muster the word “Always” to allay the fear of change,which he thought he saw in her face. Suddenly, Shadrack doesn’t want to go out to observe National Suicide Day.

Why did Nel visit Sula?

When Sula falls seriously ill, Nel decides to go and see her for the first time in three years. She asks Sula if she can do anything to help.