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Is a red blood cell prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

3 Answers. No. Nobody considers red blood cells to be prokaryotic, perhaps most importantly because they are part of a eukaryotic organism. Red blood cells begin life with the full complement of organelles, including a nucleus and mitochondria, but our RBCs shed their organelles during maturation.

Why are RBC not prokaryotes?

red blood cells are eukaryotic cells because they begin their life with full complement of organelles including nucleus and mitochondria but red blood cells lose their nucleus and other organelles on maturation.

Is blood emulsion or sol?

Examples of Colloids

Class of Colloid Dispersed Phase Examples
Sol and gel solid paint, jellies, blood, gelation, mud
Solid aerosol solid smoke, dust in air
Solid emulsion liquid cheese, butter
Liquid emulsion liquid milk, mayonnaise

What is called a dispersion phase *?

Medical Definition of dispersed phase : the phase in a two-phase system that consists of finely divided particles (as colloidal particles), droplets, or bubbles of one substance distributed through another substance. — called also discontinuous phase, internal phase.

What is dispersed phase with example?

Classifying Colloids

Dispersion Medium Dispersed Phase Example
Liquid Liquid Milk, oil in water
Liquid Gas Soap suds, whipped cream
Gas Solid Smoke
Gas Liquid Fog, mist

What is the dispersed phase in milk?

In the case of milk, milk is an emulsion in which both dispersed phase and dispersed medium are liquid states. In milk liquid fat is dispersed in water so that the fat is the dispersed phase and water represents the dispersion medium. (As milk is a colloidal mixture, including liquid fat and water).

What are two types of dispersions?

There are two types of dispersion systems, Molecular Dispersions and Coarse Dispersions. Molecular dispersions are dedicated solutions to a solute phase in the solvent. The dispersed phase is homogeneously distributed in the dispersion medium.

What is dispersed phase class 9?

The phase that is scattered or present in the form of colloidal particles is called dispersed phase and the medium in which the colloidal particles are dispersed is called the dispersion medium.In a starch solution ,starch represents the dispersed phase while water represents the dispersion medium.

What is dispersed medium class 9?

What is the dispersed phase in blood?

Dispersed phase is solid. Dispersion medium is liquid. Because RBC,WBC etc exist in blood.

Which is called a dispersion medium?

n. The continuous medium, such as a gas, liquid, or solid, in which a disperse phase is distributed. Also called continuous phase, external phase.

What is dispersion medium in gel?

Gel is a system in which liquid is the dispersed phase and solid is the dispersion medium.

What is the meaning of dispersive medium?

noun. physics a substance in which waves of different frequencies travel at different speeds.

What is the meaning of dispersing?

transitive verb. 1a : to cause to break up (see break up sense 1a) police dispersed the crowd. b : to cause to become spread widely disperse the troops. c : to cause to evaporate or vanish sunlight dispersing the mist.

What is another word for dispersion?

What is another word for dispersion?

scattering dispersal
dissipation diffusion
distribution spreading
disbandment thinning out
dissemination spread

What means dissipated?

transitive verb. 1a : to break up and drive off dissipate a crowd. b : to cause to spread thin or scatter and gradually vanish one’s sympathy is eventually dissipated— Andrew Feinberg. c physics : to lose (heat, electricity, etc.)

What is Dispurse?

Dispurse. dis-purs′, v.t. (Shak.) to take out of the purse, to pay.