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How does Vashti communicate with others?

How does Vashti communicate with others?

Vashti can contact everyone she knows from this room—several thousand people! —with the touch of a button. Most recognizable is her plate (iPad) that allows her to contact (Facetime) her son.

Why is it ironic that Vashti hides Greece behind a metal blind saying no ideas here?

8. Why is it ironic that Vashti hides Greece behind a metal blind, saying “no ideas here?” Because she spends her life in her room, for the reader this would prompt a lot of interest, or ideas. The reader would assume the same for Vashti.

How does this society view physical strength Why?

How does this society view physical strength? It views for the humanity is controlled by the central power. It created a society where the machine basically controlled everything and life would not exist without it.

Why is physical strength important?

Muscular strength and endurance are important for many reasons: Increase your ability to do activities like opening doors, lifting boxes or chopping wood without getting tired. Reduce the risk of injury. Lead to healthier, stronger muscles and bones.

Where did Kuno go?

As time passes, Kuno was transferred to a cell near Vashti’s. Vashti continued with her daily life routines which is to generate “ideas” and to worship the Machine.

What is the persuasive message of the machine stops?

If we become too dependent on technology, we will lose our humanity. If we destroy the earth, we will be forced to live underground. The fate of the human race depends upon the technologies that we develop.

Who was Vashti and Kuno?

Answer: Vashti and Kuno are the main characters of the story the machine stops by Edward Morgan forster. They are in relation as Vashti is the mother of Kuno. They are living in a post apocalyptic world where the life is dependent only and only on machines.

Why did Forster write the machine stops?

Forster himself wrote ‘The Machine Stops’ as a response to one of H. G. Wells’s utopian novels (probably A Modern Utopia, published in 1905). Forster responded by offering a dystopian vision of mankind’s future, a bleak analysis of our over-reliance upon, and eventual subordination to, modern technology.

Who is the protagonist in the machine stops?


What does the term Unmechanical mean in the machine stops?

Those who do not accept the deity of the Machine are viewed as ‘unmechanical’ and are threatened with “Homelessness”. Eventually, the Machine apocalyptically collapses, and the civilization of the Machine comes to an end. ( Wikipedia)

What does the term Unmechanical most likely mean as used in paragraph 95?

This is because in paragraph 95, the “pursuit” of former generations where knowledge helped ‘civilize’ the world was deemed “illegal”, thereby making it “unmechanical” for anyone to do such acts and be punished by Homelessness”.

How does kunos trip to the surface develop the plot of the text?

Explanation: Kuno’s willingness to visit the surface furthers his conflict with those who wish to live in the Machine, has justified important scenarios through the story. The humans have re-built a religion underground that they worship, and it is fully reliant on the Machine.

What does Kuno want from his mother?

Kuno explains that he wants to explore the surface of the earth, even though it is forbidden by the committee of the Machine. Kuno also relates his wish to see the stars in person–they suggest human figures to his mind.

How does Vashti respond to seeing the world beneath the air ship?

Answer. Answer: Vashti complains to her son that she hates the airship . “I dislike seeing the horrible brown earth,and the sea,and the stars when it is dark”.

When was the machine stops written?


What is homelessness in the machine stops?

In ‘The Machine Stops’, homelessness is the only real punishment used in society, reserved for those who represent a threat to the status quo.

Why does not Vashti want to travel in the airship?

Vashti does not want to travel in the airship because she dislike them- she does not like to see the brown earth , the sea stars when it is dark. Kuno shocks Vashti when he says he wants to look at the stars from the surface of the earth, as his ancestors did , thousands of years ago.

What does Vashti’s ritual with the Book of the machine remind you of?

Vashti ritual reminds me of the bible, and the machine is her God. She worships the machine, by worshiping the book.

How does Vashti feel after this?

First, Vashti signed her name and it made her feel good because she could create a piece of art. Her teacher also hung up her art in a swirly frame. This made Vashti feel proud.

What is Forster’s concern about society?

Forster seems to be hinting that this society lacks the foundation of human thought since their is no natural stimulus. He creates a society that strives for perfection of the mind yet finds no natural ideas. Humans have become very similar due to the changes made.