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How does the poet describe the Laburnum top?

The poem “The Laburnum Top” by Ted Hughes describes the mutual relation between a Laburnum Tree and a goldfinch. Both of them are yellow in colour (the tree is yellow because of its flowers) and quite beautiful in appearance. The Laburnum Tree is beautiful, large but quite silent and getting naked because of winter.

What is special about the laburnum tree?

It is like the pivot around which the lives of the birds are circling round. The tree is the confluence where both the beginning and ending are getting mingled with each other. At the very beginning the poem describes the laburnum tree whose seeds have not only fallen but also the leaves have turned yellow.

Why does the poet call the voice of the rain a translation?

The poet calls this poem a translation because he is the only one who understand the rain and translate the words of rain into English.

What does barred face mean?

The phrase means that the bird’s barred or covered face becomes her identity mask recognition.

What is the meaning of barred?

Something that is barred prevents your entry. If you are trying to sneak into your friend’s house, avoid the barred windows. To be barred is to be blocked from entrance or not allowed to do something — as if there were imaginary bars in your path.

Which figure of speech is used in her barred face identity mask?

Transferred Epithet

What does the goldfinch do after showing the barred face?

The mother goldfinch has stripes on her face. After she perches on the laburnum tree with food in her beak, she hops closer to her nest where her baby-chicks are waiting for her. As she looks into the nest from the edge, her baby-birds recognize her face and start chirruping and opening their tiny beaks for food.

What happens when a goldfinch comes?

As soon as she arrived on the tree with her family, the tree became lively. The chitterings of the young ones and their movement brought life in the tree. The arrival of the goldfinch brought a lot of positive changes in the tree. With the coming of the bird, the tree started to live and prosper again.

Does the arrival of goldfinch bring about a change in it?

Answer: Explanation: The arrival of the goldfinch brought about a sudden change in the tree. The young ones started twittering and there was a lot of noise, commotion and movement on the tree.

Why is goldfinch sneaking into her nest?

On the mother’s return, a sudden movement stirs the tree. Her little ones are excited over her arrival and they start chirruping. Why is the goldfinch stealing into her nest? The cautious mother goldfinch enters the tree with great care that no predator would spot her babies securely housed in the nest.

Why does the bird flirt out to a branch end?

Explain the meaning of flirts out to a branch end in the laburnum top poem. The bird is ever cautious to protect her offspring and moves briskly (flirts) out to a branch end so that her markings are visible to her babies so that they may recognise her.