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How does Jeffrey stand out in the East End?

How does Jeffrey stand out in the East End?

Why did Jeffrey stand out in East End? He was white. What did Amanda have in her suitcase that Jeffrey loved? What was special about Jeffrey catching Brian Denehy’s pass and then punting the ball back to Hands Down?

What did maniac and Amanda discover about the confetti?

what did maniac and amanda discover about the confetti? what did maniac do? they discovered that someone had got into the Beale’s living room, taken the Encyclopedia A, and ripped it up for confetti. when maniac saw it, he started walking out of town.

What happens at the end of Maniac Magee?

How could we not, when Maniac Magee finally ends with Maniac simply content that “finally, truly, at long last, someone was calling him home” (46.27). After the miles and miles Maniac’s seen-better-days sneakers chewed up, the book ends with him heading home to the place he’s been looking for this whole time.

Why did the McNabs build a pillbox?

The McNabs are building the pillbox so that they are protected from blacks that sweep Hector Street blood thirsty for whites.

What caused Russell and Piper to begin to feel important?

Russell and Piper now went to school and began to feel important. What made them feel important? The attention they got because of Maniac.

Who did maniac run with in the mornings?

Mars Bar

What is the most daring challenge that Piper and Russell give maniac?

Finally, Maniac is given “the most perilous challenge of all” – venturing into the East End neighborhood, a white boy all alone (Chapter 36-37).

Why does maniac get mad and yell at Piper and Russell in Chapter 40?

Maniac tries yelling at them again to get them to stop, but ends up getting kicked out. Maniac lives on the streets for a couple days until Russell and Piper come find him, inviting him to Piper’s birthday party. Maniac isn’t willing to just go back to the way things were: he’ll only come if he can bring a guest.

Where does Maniac Magee sleep in Chapter 8?

So he sleeps in the deer shed at the Elmwood Park Zoo, even sharing the deer’s apples, carrots, and stale bread. He reads and re-reads the book he borrowed from Amanda Beale.

What did Grayson want to be when he grew up?

He does, however, ask for a bedtime story, but all Grayson will give him are a few curt answers about what he does at the zoo and the fact that when he was a kid he wanted to be a baseball player. Grayson has to go to work for the morning, but at lunch, Maniac presses him for stories about his time playing baseball.