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How does Janie describe her childhood?

How does Janie describe her childhood?

Janie begins her narrative by telling Pheoby of her childhood. She explains that she never saw her father or her mother and that her grandmother raised her. She remembers that the children also teased her, saying her father had run away from the law.

What does Janie say to Jody on his deathbed?

The author means that Joe could die any day, and probably soon. Why does Janie visit Jody on his deathbed? What does she say? She tells Joe that she was happy when they married, but Joe became more greedy and controlling, and she resented him for the way he treated her.

What was Janie’s comment to the men during their conversation about Mrs Tony?

What was Janie’s comment to the men during their conversation about Mrs. Tony? She said God told her how superiors he was that they turned out so smart after he made them different than women. And that they would be surprised if they ever found out they didn’t know half as much about women as they thought.

Who was Janie’s best friend?

Pheoby Watson

Why does Logan kill Janie?

To top it off, she doesn’t care at all for his 60 acres. Enraged, Logan calls her spoiled, thinks that she looks down on him because she was raised in a white household, and says that her mother and grandmother weren’t hardworking. And, he threatens to kill her with an axe.

Why does Logan want a gentle mule?

For him, love is giving Janie a gentle mule so that she can help him plow the fields. Logan is old and set in his ways; farm routines control his life. He knows Janie is a spoiled girl, and he is unable to understand the depth of her boredom. Soon after he plods off to get a gentle mule, Janie meets Joe Starks.

Why is Janie called alphabet?

Janie explains how she grew up with her grandmother, Nanny, in the backyard of the Washburns, who are white. Nanny is a housekeeper of sorts. Janie, when living with the Washburn family, is referred to as Alphabet, because so many people have called her different names.

Why did Janie keep two hundred dollars hidden inside her shirt when she left with tea cake?

Why does Janie keep two hundred dollars hidden inside her shirt? Janie keeps two hundred dollars hidden in her shirt because Pheoby cautioned her to have something in case Tea Cake runs off and leaves her with nothing but the clothes on her back.