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How do you use reply in a sentence?

How do you use reply in a sentence?

Reply sentence example

  1. When I didn’t reply , she continued.
  2. His reply was fast.
  3. She smiled at his reply , relieved, then texted Dusty.
  4. Dean started to reply , but she cut him off.

How do you use replied in a sentence?

Replied Sentence Examples

  1. “Certainly,” she replied as if it were a social visit.
  2. “Actually,” he replied, “It is that simple.
  3. “Soon,” she replied as she turned toward the hallway.
  4. “Oh, I’m not so sure of that,” replied the girl.
  5. “Good enough,” he replied, and dropped into his chair.

Did replied or reply?

“I replied” is the regular past tense: you left a reply to something, and that was that. Whereas the use of, “I did reply” implies that you have a specific reason to emphasize that you did, indeed, reply. A speaker might stress the word “did” in that phrase to reject the notion that they had not replied, for example.

Have you replied or had replied?


Top – Indicative – Conditional – Subjunctive – Imperative – Bottom
indicative present indicative past tense
he/she/it has replied he/she/it had replied
we have replied we had replied
you have replied you had replied

What does replied mean?

to make answer

How do you say reply back?

It is redundant to say “reply back” since “reply” implies “back” so the phrase is wrong. It is typically used by new learners of English or people whose education has not been very good in English.

What is the present tense of replied?

reply ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it replies
present participle replying
past tense replied
past participle replied

What is the noun of reply?

noun, plural re·plies. an answer or response in words or writing. a response made by some action, performance, etc.

What is noun form of strong?

Answer: Strength is the noun form of strong.

What is the verb form of power?

Answer: “The verb form of power is power.control something to supply a machine or vehicle with the vitality that makes it work. The air ship is power by a stream motor. Power is used as power itself, there are no verb forms for power.

What is the verb form of peace?

Answer: Infinitive | present participle | past tense |past participle. peace | peacing | peaced | peaced.

What is a powerful verb example?

We explain what parents need to know about powerful verbs (and ordinary verbs!)…Powerful verbs in primary school.

Ordinary verb Powerful verbs
said whispered, mentioned, whined, shouted, cried, exclaimed
walked shuffled, meandered, stomped, marched, tiptoed, sashayed