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How do you use invaluable in a sentence?

How do you use invaluable in a sentence?

Examples of ‘invaluable’ in a sentence invaluable

  1. This has proved invaluable in the years since then.
  2. This experience proved invaluable for the second half of his career.
  3. Life experience is invaluable and you need the range you would normally get in a blood family.
  4. His knowledge and advice would be invaluable.

What does the meaning of invaluable?

valuable beyond estimation

Is invaluable a good word?

Invaluable, on the other hand, means “valuable beyond estimation.” Much like priceless, it describes something that is of such a great value that it cannot fairly be quantified: Great mentors have had an invaluable impact on my career success to date.

How do you say someone is invaluable?

Invaluable synonyms

  1. inestimable. The definition of inestimable is something that cannot be measured or calculated.
  2. incalculable. (Comparable) Of a person’s mood or character, etc.: Impossible to.
  3. valuable.
  4. worthy.
  5. precious.
  6. priceless.
  7. value (related)
  8. expensive (related)

What is another name for invaluable?

What is another word for invaluable?

indispensable priceless
valuable vital
critical crucial
inestimable consequential
important integral

How do you use invaluable?

  1. invaluable information.
  2. invaluable to/for somebody/something The book will be invaluable for students in higher education.
  3. invaluable in something The research should prove invaluable in the study of children’s language.

What is the difference between invaluable and valuable?

Something that’s valuable is worth a lot of money and would net a good price. Something that’s invaluable, on the other hand, is valuable beyond estimation. It’s priceless.

Are priceless and invaluable the same thing?

As adjectives the difference between priceless and invaluable. is that priceless is so precious as not to be sold at any price while invaluable is of great value; costly, precious, priceless.

What does inviolable mean in English?

1 : secure from violation or profanation an inviolable law. 2 : secure from assault or trespass : unassailable inviolable borders.

What is a valuable experience?

1 adj If you describe something or someone as valuable, you mean that they are very useful and helpful. Many of our teachers also have valuable academic links with Heidelberg University…, The experience was very valuable.

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