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How do you store photosynthesis?

How do you store photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is the process by which organisms that contain the pigment chlorophyll convert light energy into chemical energy which can be stored in the molecular bonds of organic molecules (e.g., sugars). Photosynthesis powers almost all trophic chains and food webs on the Earth.

How do plants store excess product from these reactions?

The Cell Wall Inside of the plant, excess sugar is stored as starch. Trees are known to create sugar through photosynthesis; the unused sugar is transported through the phloem, stored in the trunk or roots as starch and then turned back into sugar to be used as energy again at the start of a new spring.

What did you observe on the movement of plants at various distances?

Many plants perform these movements, called tropisms. One of the most common tropisms is what you observed in your own houseplant. It’s called phototropism, and it happens when plants move towards sunlight.

What is the direction of movement what is formed?

By convention, the direction of movement of a cloud is the direction from which the cloud moves. For example, if a cloud moves from south-west to north-east, the recorded direction of movement is “south-west”. The speed of a cloud is the speed of its horizontal movement.

What happen once you struck the table at one end Brainly?

Answer: 1. The table will be broken.

Which pile showed the littles the tiniest movement Why?

Answer: The one struck with the small stone.

What is the movement of rotation?

A rotation is a circular movement of an object around a center (or point) of rotation. The geometric plane along which the rotation occurs is called the rotation plane, and the imaginary line extending from the center and perpendicular to the rotation plane is called the rotation axis (/ˈæksiːz/ AK-seez).

What is the meaning of direction in dance?

Direction – forward, backwards, up, down, diagonal. Pathways – patterns we make as we move across the floor: straight, curved. TIME – the relationship of one movement to another. Rhythm – a pattern of beats. Tempo – steady beat, fast or slow (the speed of the movement)

What are two types of flow in dance?

Two types of Flow in social dancing – The Creative Flow & The Symbiotic Flow.

Why is space important in dance?

Space in dance is the space the dancers create and use while they are dancing. Space makes the dance more coordinated and the dance also looks better because the dancers are synchronized. It is one of the most important elements in dance.

Why do we dance counter clockwise?

This could have originated either in the military or on a Bob Wills dance floor sometime after the break. L.R., a doctor from Amarillo states, “We dance counter-clockwise because that is the direction ordained by NASCAR.” (This may cloud our opinions of always trusting our doctor and his or her decisions.)

What is counter clockwise?

: in a direction opposite to that in which the hands of a clock rotate as viewed from in front. Other Words from counterclockwise Example Sentences Learn More About counterclockwise.

What line of direction is used in social dancing?