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How do you say thank you all languages?

How do you say thank you all languages?

How-To Say Thank You in 14 Different Languages:

  1. English– Thank you, Thanks.
  2. Spanish– Gracias.
  3. French– Merci (Thank you very much= Merci Beaucoup)
  4. Italian– Grazie.
  5. Japanese– (Domo) Arigato (ah-ree-gah’-toh) or written ありがとう
  6. Chinese– do jeh, daw-dyeh.
  7. German– Danke sehr.
  8. Thai– Khop Khun Mak Kha.

Which language is Terima kasih?


Which country say gracias?


How do you say goodbye in 10 languages?

How To Say Goodbye In Different Languages

  1. Spanish = Adios.
  2. Italian = Arrivederci.
  3. French = Au Revoir.
  4. Portuguese = Adeus.
  5. German = Auf Wiedersehen.
  6. Japanese = Sayōnara.
  7. Russian = Do svidaniya.
  8. Korean = Annyeong.

How do you say goodbye in Mali?

When saying goodbye, if one says see you tomorrow, the response is “inchallah” or “nalasona” which means if it is God’s will. If someone is leaving, the person staying says, “kambufo” – greet your family or the people where you are going – and the person leaving will say “uname” – I won’t forget.

How do you reply to Habari Gani?

Kwanzaa Customs During the celebration of Kwanzaa, it is customary to greet friends and family with the Swahili phrase, “Habari gani”, meaning, “What is the news?” To respond, answer with the principle of the day. (Umoja, for example, is the response given on December 26th.)

Who is famous in Kenya?

Top 10 Famous Kenyan people

  1. Wangari Maathai.
  2. Jomo Kenyatta.
  3. Mwai Kibaki.
  4. Richard Leakey.
  5. Raila Odinga.
  6. Uhuru Kenyatta.
  7. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o.
  8. Mohamed Amin.

How many languages do they speak in Kenya?

68 languages

What is the second largest religion in Kenya?

The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 85.52% of the total population. Islam is the second largest religion in Kenya, practiced by 10.91 percent of Kenyans. Other faiths practiced in Kenya are Baháʼí, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.

What percentage of Swahili is English?


What percent of Kenyans speak Swahili?


How do you say thank you in Rajasthani?

( Thae kaisan/kikar ho sa? ) Fine, thank you.

How do you say thank you in Bolivia?

We are looking for contributors for our Bolivia travel guide….Spanish Phrasebook.

English Spanish Pronounciation
please por favor por fah vohr
thank you gracias grah see us
yes si see
no no no

How do you say hello in Bolivia?

Etiquette and Customs in Bolivia

  1. The handshake is the most common form of greeting.
  2. Direct eye contact is also usual.
  3. When meeting people will use the most appropriate greeting for the time of day – these are “buenos dias” (good morning), “buenas tardes” (good day), or “buenas noches”(good evening).

What is Bolivia known for?

Bolivia has the highest salt flats, lake, administrative capital city, golf course, Irish pub, road, and cable car in the world.

What language do they speak in Bolivia?

Spanish and 36 indigenous languages are official in Bolivia per the 2009 constitution. Previously only Spanish, Aymara, and Quechua were official languages of the country. Many Indians, particularly in the cities, market towns, and new colonies, speak or understand Spanish.

Is English spoken in Bolivia?

English is not widely spoken at all in Bolivia, much like the rest of South America. Only the wealthy upper class and those working in tourism tend to speak the language, with most unable to understand anything at all.

How safe is Bolivia?

Bolivia is safe to visit right now, but there are some things you should be aware of at the moment. For instance, La Paz can be quite sketchy at night time. Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Copacabana, and Oruro have the same problem – they’re all big cities visited by tourists.

Association football

What do Bolivians do for fun?

The social life of Bolivian teenagers usually revolves around the family and extended relatives. Discos, parties, movies and playing sports such as gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball are fun activities enjoyed in their spare time. Soccer is the national sport, which many teenagers love to play and watch.

What sports do people play in Bolivia?

The main sport in Bolivia is soccer. Bolivia is currently ranked in soccer as 69th in the world. “Soccer is like a religion to the people of Bolivia.” Another popular sport in Bolivia is called Paleta, a racquet sport played on a large outdoor court. Other sports played in Bolivia are volleyball and table football.

What are the most dangerous cities in Bolivia?

Most major cities in Bolivia have “Medium” threat ratings for crime, while Santa Cruz de la Sierra remains as the most dangerous city in Bolivia. Violent crimes such as assault and robberies against foreigners are statistically low but do occur.

Who is the most important person in Bolivia?

Famous people from Bolivia

  • Evo Morales. Politician.
  • Marcelo Martins Moreno. Soccer.
  • Andrés de Santa Cruz. Politician.
  • Jaime Moreno. Soccer.
  • Cornelio Saavedra. Politician.
  • Verona Pooth. Presenter.
  • Marco Etcheverry. Soccer Midfielder.
  • Víctor Paz Estenssoro. Politician.

Are there wolves in Bolivia?

The maned wolf inhabits open areas in the pampas, grasslands and flooded forests associated with savannas of the Amazonian lowlands of northern La Paz and the Departments of Beni and Santa Cruz. Maned wolves are solitary and monogamous, sharing their territory only with their partner and offspring.

Do alligators live in Bolivia?

Bolivian authorities released into the wild about 1,900 alligators living in captivity since April. The indiscriminate hunting of wild animals forced the Bolivian government to impose an indefinite ban in 1990 that in the case of the alligator was partially raised after finding a recovery of the native population.

How many species of animals live in Bolivia?

The country hosts nearly 300 mammal species as well as over 1,400 bird species. Many animals commonly associated with Bolivia include the llama, the guanaco and the alpaca but the country is also home to the jaguar, the maned wolf, the giant otter and more.

Are there jaguars in Bolivia?

The situation in Bolivia is encouraging, since according to Sernap director Melgar, the jaguar is found within 12 protected areas in Bolivia that total over 20 million hectares and could accommodate at least 70% of the species, according to Operation Jaguar.