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How do you respond to tienen?

How do you respond to tienen?

The easy answer is that ellos,ellas,and ustedes all share the same ending—tienen.

How do you respond to Que Chulo?

Que chulo / Que guay / me mola!: So cool! You respond to him enthusiastically, “Que guay! Me mola mucho!”

How do you respond to Hola Guapa?

Definitely! Or Hola Hermoso tambien es correcto. Either one is a sweet way to reply. Well, almost perfect.

How do you respond to Claro?

“¿Vienes?” “Claro.” = “Are you coming?” “Of course.” Them: “Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah…blah blah!” You: “Claro.”

Does Claro mean yes?

“Claro” means “yes” or “ok”.

Why do Dominicans say Claro?

Claro (Clearly) is just a filler word like OK [muletilla] giving the speaker time to formulate in his/her mind what they wish to say. It means clearly, but both words have lots of meanings. Usualy, claro means “of course”.

Is Claro que si rude?

like if someone said ‘you’re rude’ and the person responded ‘no claro que sí’, it means no, you’re wrong..

Is Claro a course?

While claro literally means “clear” in Spanish and Portuguese, it’s often used to mean “of course” or “naturally” in conversation.

What’s por supuesto mean?

of course

What is Tontol?

In Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, “tonto” translates as “a dumb person”, “moron”, or “fool”. In the Italian version the original name is retained, but in the Spanish dubbed version, the character is called “Toro” (Spanish for “bull”) or “Ponto”.

Is tonta a bad word?

They both refer to the lack of intelligence of a person and they are considered as offensive for the person who receives, but with some connotations. I would call “estupido” to a person who makes nonsense in life. For examples: On some occasions, we call “estúpido” to someone conceited.

What does divertido mean in Spain?

di·ver·ti·do past part.

How do you use tan in Spanish?

Comparisons Using Adjectives

  1. Diego es tan alto como Pedro. (James is as tall as Peter.)
  2. Eres tan inteligente como cualquier hombre. (You are as intelligent as any man.)
  3. Cervantes es tan conocido como Shakespeare. (Cervantes is as well-known as Shakespeare.)
  4. No estoy tan feliz como me gustaría.

How do you write 2pm in Spanish?

3 Answers

  1. actually, it depends on which 2 o clock you are referencing. If you simply want to tell some one it is 2:00, then it’s “dos” however the corect version also includes the am or pm version.
  2. I usually use a pen, but a pencil works as well. Las dos.
  3. votes. two O’ clock.