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How did Lyddie react to being fired?

Lyddie feels resentful of the injustice when she is fired, but she knows that there is nothing she can do about it. Mr. Marsden targeted Lyddie because she saw him harassing Brigid and stopped him.

What did Mr Marsden do to Lyddie?

Mr. Marsden can be accused of sexual harrassment because he puts his arms around Lyddie when he makes her stay late after work, but he does not rape her. Something has happened to Diana because she is pregnant and has to leave the factory.

What is moral turpitude Lyddie?

Mr. Marsden gets Lyddie fired by saying that she has a problem with moral turpitude. This basically means that she is immoral, but since Lyddie does not know what the word means she cannot defend herself. This is a turning point for Lyddie because when she is fired she makes it a point to better educate herself.

What happened when Lyddie returned to Cutler’s Tavern in Chapter 23?

Terms in this set (4) Lyddie returns to Cutler’s Tavern and is welcomed back by Triphena. Lyddie asks for her old job back, but that position has been filled. She then goes to see the Phinneys, where Charlie and Rachel are living. They are still at school when she gets there, so she decides to walk to the old farm.

Does Lyddie marry Luke?

Luke is a good friend to Lyddie and eventually asks her to marry him, but Lyddie, intent on proving that she can make it on her own, has other plans. She learns to appreciate Luke, however, and the book ends on a note of hope that they will eventually be together.

How did Lyddie get injured?

Lyddie was hit in the head with a shuttle one day. Although she did not die, it was a serious accident and she was badly hurt. Even though Lyddie has been hurt, she does not want to go home because it is not quitting time. Money is very important to Lyddie.

Is Lyddie a real person?

Lyddie is a 1991 novel written by Chinese-born American Katherine Paterson. Set in the 19th century, this is a story of determination and personal growth….Lyddie.

First edition, 1991
Author Katherine Paterson
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 182
ISBN 0-5

How was Lyddie paid?

Lyddie gets paid per piece once a week, but most of her pay goes to her board until she is discharged and paid full wages. Lyddie works at the mill after she loses her job at the tavern. At the tavern, she never actually gets paid her wages personally. They are supposedly sent to her mother directly.

Why did Lyddie not complain about the speed up?

Why did Lyddie not complain about the speed-up? a. More than anything, she wanted to earn enough money to reunite her family and get the farm back. She wanted to earn more money, and the corporation raised wages when it sped up the machinery.

How does Diana help Lyddie?

Diana does help Lyddie with reading and writing. She gives her paper and encourages her to write to her mother and brother. No one in Lyddie’s family is well-educated, and Lyddie left school when her father left. She just couldn’t trust her mother with the farm or her younger siblings.

Why does Betsy leave the mill?

Betsy leaves the mill because she is too sick to work and wants to go to college. Betsy is a factory worker and a friend of Lyddie’s. She is interested in Lyddie right away.

How does Lyddie feel about training Brigid?

Lyddie remembered how overwhelming it was on her first day in the factory, but she was still impatient with the new girl. Lyddie told Brigid that it would get better as she got more practice. By the end of the first day, Lyddie knew that Brigid was not ready for her own machine but Lyddie had lost her patience.

How did Lyddie treat Brigid?

Lyddie learns patience from helping Brigid learn how to read and work in the factory. When Lyddie first meets Brigid, she is irritated by the fact that she has to train a new girl. She does not like the fact that Brigid will slow her down. For Lyddie, at this point, making money is more important than making friends.

What does Lyddie do for Brigid?

She helps Brigid learn how to read, just as she herself was once taught. Lyddie also sacrifices her own job by protecting Brigid from Marsden’s unwanted advances. But before she leaves the factory, Lyddie, ever the rugged individualist, gives Brigid the means of standing up for herself.

How old is Lyddie at the end of the book?


What happened to Lyddie and Charlie’s father?

Worthen, Lyddie’s father, has been away for two years. He left the family because the prospects he had for making money on their farm had soured. The maple trees he had on his land did not produce enough syrup to be profitable, and the potash he hoped to sell had no buyers.

How is Lyddie hard working?

Lyddie is independent and hard-working no matter what the challenge. To say that a person is determined means that the person does not give up. Lyddie definitely does not give up. She faces challenge after challenge, and never backs down.

Who allowed the runaway to stay in Lyddie’s cabin?

The man told Lyddie that the Stevens’ had told him that it was safe to stay in Lyddie’s cabin. Then, he introduced himself as Ezekial Abernathy. He was a runaway slave who used to be a preacher.

How does Spring change the work being done at the tavern in Lyddie?

When spring comes, they no longer need to make maple sugar. The mistress of the tavern, Mrs. Cutler, went to sell what they had made. This made the work much lighter for Lyddie and Triphena.

Why did Lyddie give Ezekial all her money?

Listen for students to say: She gave him the money because she is generous, empathetic, committed to freedom, kind, etc. Probing questions: * “Does Lyddie have anything in common with Ezekial?”

What is the plot of Chapter 7 in Lyddie?

Chapter 7 is about her journey there on the carriage. Lyddie is the only hardworking, streetwise person on the entire carriage. This becomes evident when the carriage gets stuck. The men that are riding on the carriage are completely useless and have no idea how to go about getting the carriage unstuck.

What is the plot of Chapter 9 in Lyddie?

In chapter 9, Lyddie goes to work for Mr. Marsden in the weaving room. He assigns Diana Goss, who has been at the factory for some time, to watch over her and teach her what she needs to know. Lyddie sees only Diana’s kindness, however, and continues to be her friend.

What does obliged mean in Lyddie?

obliged. having to do something because a situation or your duty makes it necessary.

What does distraught mean in Lyddie?

very upset or worried

What does ravenous mean in Lyddie?

“Ravenous” in this context means really wanting something. This might be a literal hunger. You might be ravenous after you have been running around all day without eating. However, it can also be used figuratively, to mean that you really want something. This is the way Lyddie uses it.

What does droning mean?

1a : to make a sustained deep murmuring, humming, or buzzing sound droning bees The air conditioner droned. b : to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone droning on and on about his health. 2 : to pass, proceed, or act in a dull, drowsy, or indifferent manner The afternoon droned on.

What does grim mean in Lyddie?

grim looking very serious

What does queer mean in Lyddie?

Strong, big, impressive. Anxious. Worried. Queer. Strange, difficult to explain; “queer in the head” means slightly crazy.

Why does Lyddie return to the tavern?

Lyddie returns to the tavern, because it is what she needs to do to pay off her family’s debts. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cutler is already back at the tavern. She fires Lyddie immediately.

How is Lyddie brave?

Lyddie looks straight into the bear’s eyes, glaring and daring him to get her. Lyddie is very brave to stay behind while her mother and the younger children leave. It is a different kind of bravery than the physical bravery of facing down the bear, but she does it for the same reason.