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Can you say the pleasure is mine?

Yes you can use it as a response for the above-mentioned phrase. “The pleasure is all mine” is usually said in response to “I’m pleased to meet you”. It means something like “I’m even more pleased than you are.

What to say instead of pleasure is all mine?

‘. Pleasure means positive emotions, and mine means ‘my’. So, when you say the pleasure is all yours, you mean that you had good emotions. The synonyms are: ‘You are welcome” and ‘Not at all”.

When a guy say you are mine?

It means that even if you’re not in a relationship with him, he is in one with you. You need to write back and mention it, but don’t make a big deal. Just say, “Hey, remember the other day when we were talking on here and you said, ‘You are mine’?

What does it mean when a man tells you you are mine?

Normally when a guy says that it means that he is taking a possession of you! The most obvious and basic is that he wants/enjoys sex with you and wants more. His girlfriend was his first love.

What does Be Mine mean?

It would mean someone asking another person to go out with them. If someone were to say to someone, ‘Would you be mine?’ They are saying that they like this person more than a friend and would like to date them.

What is my and mine?

As you rightly note, my is a possessive adjective and mine is a possessive pronoun. So, this means you use my where you already have a noun (such as question) and want to indicate ownership. Like with all pronouns, you use mine in place of another noun when it’s understood what’s being discussed.

Is mine and his correct?

The report is his and mine. (Never use an apostrophe with a possessive personal pronoun.) The report is Bill’s and hers. The report is Bill’s and mine.

Is it my and my husband’s or mine and my husband’s?

If it is a subject of a sentence, “my husband and I” should be used. “My husband and I went to the store.” If it is an objective clause, “my husband and me” is used. For this to be correct, it must be the object of a preposition, such as, “They gave the gift to my husband and me.”

How do you say someone and mine?

Yes, apostrophes are used for possessive case (Tim’s car), but ‘hers’ and ‘mine’ already denote possessive (the plural form is ‘their’).

Is it my and his or mine and his?

Pronouns: possessive (my, mine, your, yours, etc.)

personal pronoun possessive determiner possessive pronoun
I my mine
you (singular and plural) your yours
he his his
she her hers

Is I’s and is correct?

It’s fine as it is written. “my wife and I” is a noun phrase, functioning as a subjective pronoun in the singular and made possessive with the apostrophe. It is exactly the same as “our”. It seems weird because you would never use “I’s” on its own but it is not on its own here – it is part of a noun phrase.

How do you write possessive multiple people?

2. In plural possessive terms, place the apostrophe after the “s.” This will indicate to the reader that more than one person or thing owns the thing possessed.

Is my one grammatically correct?

“My one(s)” is grammatically correct, but unidiomatic.

What does my one mean?

After all ‘mine’ is simply an abbreviation of ‘my one’. – WS2 Jan 10 ’14 at 12:48. “Here’s my one” means “Here’s the one that is mine” rather than just any of the articles in question that I possess. –

How do you make someone possessive?

The general rule is that the possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and s, whether the singular noun ends in s or not. The possessive of a plural noun is formed by adding only an apostrophe when the noun ends in s, and by adding both an apostrophe and s when it ends in a letter other than s.

Who is a possessive person?

Being possessive means you’re being a little selfish about people or things in your life: you’re clinging to them tightly and saying “Mine!” Being possessive isn’t a good thing — possessive people are usually insecure and controlling.